a question on old pics

i was digging through a huge pile of old pics today thinking about that 'what were you like' tag (i'm still working on it, consuela!) when i started to ponder:

what are people suppose to do with old photos of their ex'es? are you suppose to dump them all everytime you/they meet someone new? is there some un-written rule somewhere about these things? i've got about 10 years worth of ex-photos piled up in a closet at my parent's condo. it's been 10 fun, crazy years. do i need to throw them all away? one of the ex'es is married, one's about to be married, two are still single and i'm still single (they were mostly good breakups- i still keep in touch with 3 of them). what's the official rules on current status and old pics? is it normal to keep this stuff? i don't feel that i'm attached to them, but am i still holding on? do i need to let it all go? what do you guys do?

answers much appreciated :)

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