the ' clirty ' pile is growing

i have 3 piles of clothes on my bedroom floor. yes, i know that clothes are normally suppose to be placed in closets and dressers, but it's been a rough 2 weeks and these clothes are still on the floor after the last wash. the first pile is the ' clean ' pile. this was the biggest pile after the last wash, but it is slowly shrinking as i pickout items for daily use. next is the ' dirty ' pile which consists of clothing items that must be washed after use. these things go straight into the laundry bag to prevent contamination. the last pile is the ' clirty ' pile. it's the part clean - part dirty clothes that can be re-used after the quick * sniff * test. this clirty pile has been growing slowly but surely, overflowing into the dirty pile. this is like the first time that i've actually used up all my clean clothes from the last wash before it ever made it into the closet. the clirty pile flirts with the dirty pile... i'm drowning in a sea of stinky clothes... it must be laundry time again...

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