the exorcism in waikele dream

last night i dreamed that we invited 3 beautiful girls over to our place for a party in waikele. everything was going fine, until one by one the sexy girls became possessed by demons and ran amuck in the apartment (much like the exorcists times 3)! the possessed-ladies were screaming and yelling out obscenities and terrorizing the place in their trance.

i gathered the few not-possessed friends together and grabbed one of the demonic-ladies. we fought and struggled hard to keep her pinned down on the kitchen floor. i started the exorcism ritual with a cross to the head and a quick prayer, but the girl spat back at me as i realized that i was 1. not even christian and 2. don't know how to exorcise demons from possessed girls. a fellow friend who met the 2 qualificiations quiclky jumped in to help. with faith and prayer the demon was expelled and the girl turned back to normal.

with 2 more possessed ladies to work on, i asked my roommate AM for more help. but at this point, he was pretty exhausted and said, 'just do whatever you need to do, man...' and walked into his room for sleep (he has to work early tomorrow morning). so i round up the crew again and we started on the next girl. we had her pinned down in the living room and this time the exorcist was sitting on her stomach with a guitar singing her some christian tunes. it's going to be a long night... WAKE.

i got to stop watching late night tv and horror flicks (though they do make for these really interesting dreams)...

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