eating-neko: kapiolani diner at kam bowl

lots of eating-neko posts lately. hmmm... maybe i do tend to pig-out more when i'm tired and stressed-out... in anycase, after another fun day at work i dropped by kapiolani diner at kam bowl for dinner with LW. this cozy little local diner is located in a bowling alley in kalihi and is full of history and tradition. fine dining it is not, but kam bowl has some of the best oxtail soup on the island. i swear that the bowls are getting smaller and smaller everytime we visit though (with prices growing in an inverse relationship to the bowl size). the oxtail (at $10+) is heavenly, but i decided to try the braised shortribs for something different. it was a great choice~ the shortribs in the stew-like sauce just melted away in my mouth. it was the mac-salad's best friend. now if we can only make it out of here without getting mugged in the dark or car-jacked, i'll be totally satisfied. a must visit for the locals. happy eating~

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