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i went to e&o trading company with BV for drinks and light pupus almost a month ago, but i think that it's worth a post (heck, it's a slow sunday). e&o trading company is a southeast asian grill located in ward center second floor. we dropped in there for a couple of drinks killing time for the ten pm movie. thursday night here was pretty dead. there was like 5 customers in the whole restuarant. a slow start, but i hear that it picks up on friday nights when the bar turns into a dj lounge. the decor is very eclectic with asian themes running throughout. the bar/lounge seating area is pretty big and cozy with good mood lighting. the menu is typical asian fusion fair. the prices for drinks run a bit steep. after two over-priced martini's, i've come to the conclusion that this is a great place to take someone if your looking for a trendy, quiet place with no one around. til then, i'll stick with indigo's...

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