UH wahine volleyball!

i went to watch the UH (university of hawaii - my old school) women's volleyball game at the stan sheriff center yesterday with ST and AM. it was a fun night. volleyball is quite big here in the islands and a decent crowd of 7,000 came to cheer the team against USC (university of southern california). we got some really good free tickets this time around: section C, row 3, right behind jim leahey the sportscaster! we had a great view of the game (and the cheerleaders that touched AM). this volleyball team was ranked number 1 (or 2) in the nation last year, but started off this season with 2 losses against some tough teams. so they had much to prove tonight in this first match of the tournement. the group started kinda slow in the first game, but slowly found it's rhythm. the team eventually won the match in 3 straight games~ just enough for one large 32 ounce beer. the crowd went wild. if only the football team could do this well against USC tomorrow... oh well. after the game, we drove out to taiyo ramen for some extra-filling curry and called it a night. go team!

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