4 days in dallas

it was a fun, busy 4 days at the airline conference in dallas meeting RO (mr all at sea) and the other industry people. monday was the travel rest day. i met up with RO and went to lunch at my favorite cajun seafood restaurant chain: 'papa deaux.' i had the best andouille/seafood gumbo there followed by an awesome fried crawfish/crawfish etoufee combo. we then drove to the mills and galleria malls for souvenirs and two starbucks sessions. for dinner we drove to addison for 'chow thai' restaurant and 'sherlocks' bar with live music and $2-dollar-you-call-it drinks (= 6 stoli's). just getting ready for tomorrow...

tuesday presented a full day of meetings followed by a organized dinner/casino night at the west end union station (with north america airlines and air jamaica company) followed by more drinks at the hotel bar (650 north restaurant). i got called-out here for patron tequilla shots by miss air wisconsin and enjoyed some drunk flirty company on my lap after 7 shots. after the hotel bar closed, i took a cab out to deep ellum's coyote ugly bar with a crazy japan airlines guy who did not speak any english. i got sick at coyote ugly as the sexy wild female bartender on the counter was trying to lasso my head off the bar there. i left my drunk japanese friend and caught a cab back to the hotel. i hope he made it back ok~

wednesday had more meetings (with a hangover) and a short train trip to the north park mall (still looking for that big buckle belt...). i went out to olive garden afterwards with RO and dropped by sherlock's bar again for more music and crazy happy drunk people-watching there (including a lady that started stripping to a melissa etheridge song and got escorted out of the bar topless). one more day of meetings and we leave on thurday afternoon. at the airport, we got bumped on 2 flights to los angeles, missing the 4pm connect but finally made it back to honolulu at midnight after a 15-hour travel day.

in conclusion, this dallas trip was quite successful. i learned about new product releases, chat with industry people, met with RO, had a few drinks and a lot of good stories. what more can one ask for? good luck in dallas, RO! it was great coffeeing with you again! cheers to good times, man~

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