3 things that people don't know about me

this tag is from sweet elmo from last month. thank you for waiting! this tag is kinda tough cause this blog is over 3 years old, and i'm a pretty open fella. but let's see... let me think here...

1. i had a small bean-bag snoopy with me for 7 years. it was given to me as a gift from a girl in saudi arabia when i was 6 years old and it travelled the world with me on family vacations. my comfort sleeping partner. i handed-down the dog to my neice years later and never saw it again :(

2. the first novel that i ever remember reading (for fun) was ray bradbury's 'the halloween tree' back in the mid-1980's in bangkok. it's still my favorite bradbury novel (i read 10 more books by the author after). i think i discovered the book in a box somewhere under the stairs.

3. i used to spend hours and hours alone in the darkroom developing black and white prints when i was in high school in concord, massachussets. i think i had a lenny kravitz tape blaring on the stereo then. we photographed old barns and new england woods there (in addition to figure-painting and an architecture project). oh well, so much for those artsy days~

how's that for 3 things? i still have 2 more late tags to go! see you then~

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