dollar-movie night

before rising gas prices, there were rising movie prices. i still remember the days of $5 movies... that was not so long ago, but $8.50 - $9.00 is now the norm. that's not too bad for a GOOD movie, but full fare rates for a crappy film is just painful. so restaurant row's wallace theaters finally came to the rescue. giving up on their unsuccessful arthouse cinema scene, wallace theaters offers us a whole new paradigm : $1 movies! you can't even catch the bus for a dollar these days, but hell~ you can sit in a small, dark, dank theater and watch cheap movies for 2 hours! what a deal! even the hotdogs are a buck, but sodas will cost you ab0ut 3.5 movie tickets. the crowd is sketchy, the uncomfortable seats smell of wet-dog, the sound is awful, and the screen is small, but you get what you pay for: a dollar-movie. no disappointments or surprises here, it was only a buck. we normally hit the theaters late at night, so we'll hangout at the row bar for a few drinks before the flick (note: row bar drinks will cost around 5-7 movie tickets). for a fun, low-cost, and low-maintenance night out: call a cheap date (or a good friend) and visit the restaurant row theaters...

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