super bike in the hotel dream

i dream that i was in some hotel hallway somewhere with a big group of friends. one of them had built me a new super street motorcycle and i was suppose to test it in the narrow carpeted hotel hallways here. the bike was cool, fast and sharp. you need to start it up with a lighter to ignite the small wick-like part on the handlebars! the wick was lit and my jacket sleave was caught on fire! i had to shake my arms around wildly to put it out. it was like a crazy firecracker. the machine was a monster and i almost spilled it on a sharp hallway turn. i reached the end of the hall and can see all the hotel staff in the lobby through the grass doors. they were looking at me with concern and bewilderment before starting the chase. i needed to rush back! i wind my way though the halls and meet up with my friends again. we all snuck and hid in a small hotel room there before the staff could find us. yee ha! that was a close one, baby! WAKE.

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