it's HIFF time again!

it's HIFF time again! the hawaii international film festival will be in full swing from oct 20 - oct 30 this month~ so get your movie on! and catch some exciting new movies from asia and all around the world. i've been attending these festivals for at least 7-8 years now and it gets better and better every season. for this fall's picks we've got all the fun/crazy movies lined up:

-10/21 - the glamorous life of sachiko hanai (japan)
-10/22 - kamikaze girls (japan)
-10/23 - shutter (thailand)
-10/24 - karaoke terror (japan)
-10/25 - wayward cloud (china)
-10/27 - funky forest (japan)
-10/28 - dumplings (hong kong)
-10/29 - neighbor no.13 (japan)

it's going to be a busy film week! for more information check out: cheers!

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