haleakala sunrise

i drove up to the summit of haleakala on maui last week with CY to watch the majestic sunrise at 10,000+ ft. it was quite a show... well worth the 4:30am wakeup-time, crazy sleepy drive, and the 38-degree freezing weather with high winds. we reached the top at around 5:15am wrapped in our sweaters, stumbling-up the stairway to the dark observation room before running back into the the car to warm up. under the dark skies, the stars danced before us. i swear that i've never seen so many stars in all my life. it was so beautiful. at 5:45am we rushed back up to the observation room to capture the last good viewing-spot for the sunrise show. people started crowding in, but a few brave (crazy) souls were determined to fight the cold outside for the best photos. we waited in anticipation. it took a good 45 minutes for the sun to rise above the heavy clouds in all its glory. the stars were packed up for the night. daylight is here. in the end, i could not decide which was better: the google of stars or the sunrise show. it was truly, magic.

for more sunrise pics: click here!

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