pre-trip quickies

-my head is pounding today... i feel blah all day. 3 meager heineken-lights did me in last night and i woke up with a migraine. pre-travel chills maybe? i'm such a light-weight. what do you do on migraine days?

-the official neko half-year recap (just in case your missed it): a small reckoning in january. a big heartbreak and coldplay in concert in february. las vegas with the boys and hypnosis in march. a big island wedding and volcano park visit in april. nba playoffs game in phoenix and los angeles pineapple adventures in may. a quiet 3-1 in june. niagara falls visit, and sweek nane in july. it has certainly been an omoshiroi (interesting) year...

-updated bodyfat test: 20.4% body weight: 160 lbs. darn! it's all downhill from here, people.

-chat topic of the week: 'are you a fast say-er, or a slow one?' how long does it take you to say 'i love you' in a new relationship? what are the rules? the women say that the men MUST say it first. is this a rule? what is too fast (2 weeks)? and what is too slow (6 months)? what is normal (2 months)? do you remember your last first 'i love you?' how does the speed of 'i love you' correlate with (physical) intimacy? how does it correlate with shyness? i tend to be a fast say-er, overall. i don't ever want to miss a chance. it's like those sad movies where the guy dies with love, but never says it... i don't want to be those people.

-i'm sporting a new look these days: shaved head with a light beard. i call it my light gruff shel silverstein look. what do you think?

-well, the bags are packed and we're ready to go. 48 hours til coffee in sydney. are you ready, babe? see you soon!

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