sydney '06 part 1: taronga zoo visit

i love sydney. it's such a beautiful, romantic, harbor city. a great walking-town, especially with good company. i took about 475 photos on this trip (my goal is always 100 pics a day)! but i had to censor most of the good ones just to keep it mysterious here. oh well~

we started our sydney adventures on thursday morning with breakfast at city extra cafe on the circular quay, followed by a captain cook sydney harbor cruise (darn you, captain cook!). we jumped off the boat at taronga zoo for our first attraction. taronga zoo is a beautiful, world-class zoo that lies on the hills across the harbor from the opera house and the quay. it has great scenic views of the sydney metropolitan skyline. we enjoyed the exciting free-flight bird show (a must-see!), the snake showing (yes, i touched the snake), the chimpanzee feeding (*raises monkey hands for bananas*), the komodo dragon (who wouldn't give me a good tongue photo), the (crazy, fast walking) tazmanian devil, just to name a few. our planned hour-visit turned into three fun hours and we covered most of the zoo.

we caught the next boat to darling harbor at around 3pm for a (strange-looking) sweet crepe snack and went back to the room for a power-nap and some roll-around-cuddle-time (i love roll-around-cuddle-time). i was so tired that evening, i did not wake until 4am the next day. oops! sorry, love. i'll make it up to you :)

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