curry attack at starbucks

we went to starbucks today after service and lunch (a big chicken-katsu curry with 4-piecce gyoza from taiyo ramen). it was a good coffee session. we saw 'coach', a buff-guy with huge calves cradling a little chihuahua, a big korean group with hot girls, and even a grumpy lady trying to boot a small mountain-dove on the sidewalk. changing conversation topics, i spontaneously caughed, burped, snorted and sneezed at the same time. this resulted in curry flooding out of my nostrils (i had curry flowing out of my nose!). i covered my face with my hand, but it was still flow out through my fingers! head down, face covered, i rushed into the jamba juice bathroom. luckily no one was in there. at the sink i preceeded to empty my nose of: curry sauce, kim chi, rice, chili, and gyoza. not a very pretty sight. my nose was burning from all that extra chili. a 10-minute curry attack at starbucks... beware! :)

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