sydney part 5: opera house tour

there's never enough photos of the sydney opera house here. it's up there with the eiffel tower, the pyramids, and the statue of liberty. it's just so grand and inspiring. we took pics of the the opera house from the rocks, we took pics there at night, and finally on day three: we'll be taking pics there on our opera house tour (AUS $11.50 industry rate). the crowds were there in numbers on the cobble-stoned walkways. i met an attractive new friend on the tour from san francisco. we made our way through 4 theatres, sat through a history lesson, went through the foyer, the basement areas (with the mural) and the exhibition area. a work of art that's still in progress. if i ever come back to sydney for another visit, i plan to attend a symphany or opera performance here. it's such a magical place. a great ending to a great trip~

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