air supply saved my life

i was in such a great mood yesterday morning that i was singing in the shower again. this usually extends my 5-minute showers into half-hour showers. i got dressed and jumped in the car with the radio turned off: i gotta sing out the rest of this tune (some old air supply songs that i know by heart).

while on the freeway and halfway through ' making love out of nothing at all, ' i see a SUV try to merge into a left lane without looking at the side toyoto. the vehicle started to swerve and lose balance on the slick rainy roads. this was about 100 meters in front of me. i was driving about 55. the SUV then lost all control and hit the side door of that toyota spinning it right upon impact blocking the road. the SUV then turned sharply to the right, flipped 2 times, and ended up upside down. i was 2 cars away watching this unfold while braking to a stop in the middle of the road. i reached for the phone, but saw a police car nearby stopping to assist.

it was quite a jolt. i was 30 seconds away from disaster (an extra song in the shower). air supply saved my life yesterday. i am alive and grateful. thank you.

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