bangkok hotel pool dream

i dreamed that i was visiting my hotel gm friend in bangkok. for some reason my boss here was there with me. it's been a while since i saw my thai friends. we met in the lobby and he guided us to this fancy bar on the second floor where we had a few drinks. we were suppose to go to a cool restaurant on the top floor but the table wasn't ready yet. after a few drinks, MT suggested that we go downstairs to play pool near the casino. my boss followed, but instead of joining us with pool, he went to the cashier to get some change for the slot machines. we racked the table and i was the first to break. it was an incredible break! 5 balls sank into the corner pockets! the break was so hard that the rest of the balls jumped off the table! i could see to cue ball moving closer and closer to the pocket... hitting another ball and sinking in. darn! scratched on the brake. oh well. the game continues... WAKE.

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