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i'm finally getting caught up with these eating posts... last, last thursday i visited chiang mai restuarant in moiliili with AT. chiang mai is one of the few thai restaurants that i really recommend in honolulu for authentic thai flavors, great service, nice decor, and reasonable prices (and i should know good thai food after 15 years in bangkok and 30 years of mom's cooking). the restaurant is popular with the tourists and the local crowds and was fairly full on thursday night. as tradition we ordered the favored pad siew noodles with beef (fried chowfun noodles with broccoli, eggs, and beef), tom yum kung (spicy/sour shrimp soup), garlic chicken, and stick rice (AT's favorite). the noodles came out great as always, but the garlic chicken was a bit weak (don't order it). the soup had a million mushrooms in it this time, but the flavors were just right. like chinese restuarants, thai restaurants are best visited in larger groups so you can order and share many dishes 'family-style' (we had like 8 great dishes on KT's last birthday dinner). so if your ever jonesing for some good thai~ call me up! or if you just prefer the food then visit chiang mai on king street. i'm sure you'll love it :)

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