football bonding: USC 63 - UH 17

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i am not really a big sports fan. it's not that i don't like sports, but i don't really follow it. maybe i just need to pick a favorite team or something? i normally watch discovery channel over espn. *gasp* but yesterday afternoon, i watched the UH football team play against number 1 ranked USC live on espn with my dad. it's a small tradition: UH football and pizza bonding between father and son. what could be better than spending time with this great man? (he did put me through 12 years of private school and 6 years or college) the game was quite brutal, with a 32 point gambling spread for hawaii. the numbers looked fair at half time, but we got demolished in the 3rd quarter and they didn't make the spread. the 2 new quarterbacks look promising in anycase, it'll be an interesting re-building season for the team. thanks, dad. i love ya.

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