my evil twin brothers

after a great late night dinner at town restaurant on waialae the beautiful waitress comes up to me and ask me if we've ever met before cause i looked so familiar. caught surprised, i uttered "no..." (though my heart was thinking: maybe later maybe?). she then asked if my name was 'mr. lam' (which is not even close to 'neko') and continued asking if i worked at the airport for hawaiian airlines. then it struck me! it was my evil twin brother at honolulu stations. this man must be my identical twin cause this is like the 3rd time that i've been mistaken for him. all i know about this man is that he works at stations, is bald, wears glasses, and dates beautiful waitresses... i like him already! :)

my other evil twin brother use to be an IT lab tech working at the TIM school computer lab. i see him at TIM alumni functions and starbucks ward. when i attend alumni functions i get alot of hotel people calling me 'victor.' they always ask about my successful brother 'frank' alot. i usually play along if the company is attractive... "frank's doing fine... yeah, he's still at princeville..." (and then the real frank will pop out from somewhere in the crowd as i slip away~)

have you found your evil twins yet?

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