maui part 3 summary

maui part 3 with CY in early december was quite a memorable (though short) trip. aside from the haleakala sunrise and whale-watch adventures, we got to drive around the island in a sebring convertible and enjoy our stay at the mountain-side kula lodge. this was my first lodge experience and quite a pleasant surprise. the rustic, romantic chalets had a fireplace, a loft, heated bathrooms, old furniture, a cozy bed, lots of dust, ocean/mountain view, really strange wall decorations (a bird's nest?) and no TV! we spent the evening at the lodge restaurant in the best corner-table for a 2-hour sunset dinner (she had the mahi mahi, i had the tenderloin with a glass of cabernet). we slept early that night in the dark room watching the floating dust twinkle in the fireplace's glow (did i mention that there was no TV in the room?). so what makes a perfect neighboor-island getaway trip? good weather, nature, open-air driving, ocean-side walks, sunsets, sunrise, stars, oceans, mountains, krispy kremes, coffee, fine dining, fireplaces, and chalets? yes. all that and a great travel partner. thank you, CY. i'll miss you. have a great year~

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