sydney '06 part 3: opera house walk

mystery kiss

we woke up early again on day three (no time wasted) and walked to jackson's on george for a hearty breakfast before our visit to the opera house. it was a bright, sunny day and the quay was packed with visitors from all over the world. there is just never enough photos of this sexy place, there's too much to love: it's bold soaring lines, the glowing sunlight on it's tiles, the grand steps, and all the contrasting colors and textures. after fighting the tourist crowds for photos during our walk-around, we visited the coffeeshop and the sydney cove oyster bar for a light lunch of king prawns and fresh naked oysters with sparkling wine. after lunch we took a walk back around the quay to enjoy the street artists and indulge in the royal copenhagen ice cream (the gelato was better) on a warm sunny bench. we eventually hopped on the ferry back to darling harbour and walked back to the room for our afternoon roll-around-cuddle-time.

we got dressed-up at 8pm (she looked so beautiful in that dress) and took a cab back to the quay for our dinner at the trendy wildfire restaurant. the night was extra chilly and the moon was bright. she had the salmon and i had the short ribs, with the vongole appetizer, flat bread, and four glasses of AUD$20 shiraz wine. it was an excellent dinner. after the meal we took a stroll to the very busy opera bar to enjoy some live jazz and more drinks before heading back to the room. we're running out of time, love! i wanted to stay up with you all night, but the wine and the martini's were all kicking-in, and we dozed-off sometime around 1am. it was our last night together in sydney.

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