neko gets a " hi "

i was walking on the second floor mezzanine level with my coworker today when i saw the cute snobby girl on the ground floor walking to work. she was an attractive snobby girl that worked in the reservations department. young, petite, and quite stunning, but she always walked alone with her nose up high, never talking to anyone. she also had that graceful sway in her hips when she walks. so feminine and seductive. a runway sway.

in anycase, i saw her and pointed her out to my friend: look man, there's that cute snobby girl (i think i said snobby girl twice). the second time i said " snobby ", she looked up at me and our eyes met. did she hear me? having been caught: i raised my hand and gave her a HUGE embarrassed wave and smile. i think the wave surprised her, but she kept on walking. in the building, we pushed the up-button for the elevator, door opens and there she was inside. our eyes met again and she gave me a: " hi... " there. short and sweet. i returned her " hi " there and the elevator was silent for the rest of the trip up (as we were trying to hold back our surprise, embarrassment, and laughter). doors opened and she flew down the hallway.

well, at least i got a " hi " from her. what more can one ask for? :)

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