sydney '06 summary

the 'last morning' comes quickly to us, right after the 'last night.' at 6am we woke up for breakfast and a last-roll-around-cuddle-time (there's never enough roll-around-cuddle-time). your flight leaves so early, babe! with bags packed, i send you off with 2 kisses in the cab. is this goodbye? the cab drives off slowly, and i decide to take 'sadness' for a walk around the block with me.

thousands of runners emerged from all corners to gather at a nearby park for the city2surf race as i walked aimlessly downtown. at 10am i found myself on top of sydney tower looking down on the city and the beginning of the race. after the tower, i checkout of the hilton at 1pm and started wandering the streets again (my flight was at 9pm). i explored the rock's market, visited the pylon lookout on the bridge, went back to amo roma for lunch, ate another gelato, took the ferry to darling harbour, wandered all around the harbour, walked back to downtown, visited woolworth's (for those damn timtams!), picked-up my bags from the hotel, and caught a cab to the airport at 5:30pm. i gave 'sadness' a pretty good walk on that last day down-under.

it was such a perfect trip~ 5000 miles across the oceans to romantic sydney for that coffee with you, nane. next cup... bangkok?


flickr sydney b&w pics! flickr sydney with nane pics!

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