wake-up quickies

-i've been sleeping so much, so late these days. hours and hours lost in restless sleep and strange dreams. august passed by like a mad whirlwind, swift and crazy. what does september hold? is it time to wake up yet?

-had an eye-openning tarot card reading from my co-worker one afternoon in august. i asked her about 3 loves, money and the universal message. on love: with nane, we'll have a learning experience (we have differing perceptions) and we need to work on communication, but the feelings are good overall. for LC we have different goals and lots of conflict because of stubborness, but we can be friends. for CY we have true feelings for each other, but lots of outside influence now causing conflict and guilt. on money: the money is there and the means are there, just need to resist outside influences and work on a more positive money-attittude, but the outcome looks good. for the univeral message: opportunities are there, nothing hidden, life in balance, good friends, receiving messages, active life, good karma, changes, and learning, but watch out for pregnancy (yikes!) and don't sell yourself short. interesting...

-things always seem to happen with swiftness in my life. it's a 'feast or famine' system. i either indulge in dreamy excess and splurge, or starve in restless absence and want. do you ever feel this way?

-i miss roll-around-cuddle-time... :(

-i'm caught in a nightmare traffic jam here and i can't get home. it took me two and a half hours just to travel 10 miles to the office. i've become a grandmaster of the f-word expletives during my last roadrage drive. waiting for the traffic to die down in the office now. it's almost midnight here. it was suppose to be a mellow day-off. i shouldn't have drove into town for coffeetalk... damn you, coffeetalk! damn you!

-feeling super rusty today after a long blogging break. my head is fuzzy, like that feeling when you wake up from a big nap. the words are slow to come. if your having the best dream of your life... do you really need to wake?

-cheers to you, dreamers!

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