i had a dream the other night about a sexy stripper that was flirting with me. i can not recall the details, but i believe that she is the same girl that works out at my gym and has her photo in an ad in the weekly newspapers for deja vu club. she was pretty hot and very friendly. no sex though. just flirting.... WAKE.

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had a 3 part dream from the night before. here goes:

i am walking through a muddy hill where there is a lot of construction going on. it looks like the woods or something. i see big tall trees everywhere in the muddy forest. everything is brown in color. was it raining or something? the workers are building some kind of cabins in the area with a bunch of pretty simple tools. wrapped all around the tall trees, i see an intricate system of ropes and pulleys. the logs are attached to the ropes and because the system is so good, they can move the huge logs with a simple tug of the rope up the hill. i continue through the site and walk up the hill minding my step and watching out for flying logs...

am on top of the hill now. i think that allan is here hanging out. this area is brighter and surrounded by lots of tall grass. everything is green in color now. we walk up to the top of the hill close to the edge of the cliff. i look down in the grass and notice something. i call allan over to check it out. i say: hey~ check it out. there's a huge snail in the grass. he was not very enthusiastic about it. i suddenly realized that there where many snails hidden everywhere in the grass. yuck.

am now in my apartment/house just relaxing watching tv. my sister suddenly walks in with her new boyfriend. the guy is a big muscular haole fellow. i don't think i ever met this guy before... he walks over to a smith-machine/bench press and starts lifting these heavy weights (yes, there seems to be a mini-gym in my living room). i go over to work-out with him, but he is very cocky and arrogant. i am thinking to myself in my dream: how can she go out with this asshole...? he starts lifting some pretty major weights and i am having a hard time catching up. i get pissed-off by his remarks. i want to kick his ass, but he lifts more than me. i keep the feelings to myself... WAKE.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

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and the verdict for the Mar 22-29 dreaming-neko poll is:

56% say that it is best to make love (make out) during these chaotic times! (i couldn't agree more...)
22% say make peace (compromise)
22% say make money (earn it)

thank you all for your participation...
your continual support and participation in these polls is greatly appreciated :)

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had a quick dream the other night. had more details but lost it between my second and third alarm clock ringing...

am at a fastfood takeout place somewhere, am not sure the place. i think that allan was with me. it was like a big hot dog stand/takeout place or something. i ordered something that looked like corndogs and looked for a place to sit down and eat. allan seem to have wandered off somewhere and disappeared. so i put my plate down on this counter and moved to pick up condements and when i came back to the counter, i find that there are people at my spot. well actually the counter swings open like a door on a hinge. these strangers swung the swinging counter out, sat down at another counter inside the swinging counter, and now i can not sit down to enjoy my corndog because my counter is pushed back against the wall (kinda confusing ya?). so i am now standing in front of the takeout place eating my corndog, when the cook of the place leans over the counter and calls out to me: you ordered 2 corndogs ya? i know you libras like things in pairs... and laughs. i think i was agreeing with him in the dream... WAKE.

well, at least it wasn't rainbows!

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friday lyrics - linkin park

"...if i could change i would
take back the pain i would
retrace every wrong move that i made i would
if i could
stand up and take the blame i would
if i could take all the shame to the grave i would..."

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i don't recall much from the other night, but i do remember this:

am sitting in a public bus across from an old lady. this stranger looks like a visitor. during the trip she leans over to me and asks: what is the aloha spirit? i answer: i can't really explain it to you, but you will know when you experience it... WAKE.


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here's a good one from last night...

it looks like i am stuck along the road somewhere in bangkok, and i'm trying to catch the public train to get to the airport. i see many trains coming only one-way from the airport along the tracks, but i can't seem to find a small train-station that heads for the airport. at one point i walked up the stairs into a mall-like structure to find the train-stop, but it was not there. giving up on the train, i decided to catch the bus instead. there is a sense of urgency here, cause i don't want to miss my flight. i also had a traveling companion who was suppose to meet me at the airport for travel: she looked/felt like rattana but it could've been yasuko too. catching the bus, i finally make it to the airport and hangout in the terminal to wait for the girl. i called her at home and told her to hurry out to the airport and join me cause our flights are about to leave (we were traveling on different flights). she was a bit hesitant about the travel and joining me, but eventually agreed. she said that she was getting worried too waiting for my call. as time was of the essence, i told her to catch a cab and meet me at the airport check-in counter (i think that she was flying on thai airways). i needed to check in elsewhere, but was worried about the girl. there is not much time. i sit down at a small class-room like desk and start filling out my paperwork for the trip. now it seems that i have mis-placed my own ticket! i frantically scurry about looking for my tickets through my pockets and bags. i feel that there is not enough time... at one point i knocked over a few things off my desk and a nice attractive woman sitting in the desk behind me comes over to help me out. i give her a nervous thank you smile. there is not much time... i finally find the tickets! i need to get up, but i had taken off my shoes. there were 2 pairs next to my desk: a pair of black leather loafers and a pair of black leather boots. i put on a pair. am not sure which one. i am in a rush. i worry about the girl. i worry about my flight. there is not enough time... did i make the flight? did she meet me for the trip? i wonder~ WAKE.

good details on this one. real vivid...

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here's a late dream from last friday night.

i am stuck in a room by myself? or with this girl there? the room is a simple room with a big bed in the middle and not much else around it. kinda like a hotel room or something. in this dream, bad thoughts are being projected from my mind or is it the girl's mind and they form into real life people threatening us in the room. these people are evil, just like the thoughts and i have to protect myself/the girl by fighting with these demons. i vividly remember literally punching a few of them in the gut to beat them up. as i do: POOF they would disappear. but new evil thoughts/persons would appear in the room and i would be jumping around the room fighting these guys. i kinda remember being on the winning side of this battle, but i don't recall how it ends (or maybe it just never does end...) WAKE.

my late night buddhist readings are catching up with me...

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some more quick ones from last night:

am in another busy class again. lots of smart people everywhere. but it seems like this is more work related stuff or something. the people are taking turns presenting their proud projects. so there i was seated in between this annoying skinny guy and a cute chinese? girl (kinda like the girl i often see at my gym). i was kinda flirting with the girl with some positive results, but the annoying guy kept on cutting in with alot of distractions. i remember that we were handed some food samples at one point during someones presentation and we all took a piece...

am asking my mom if there was anything to eat in the house. she says no, go out to the restaurants near the house. so i walk out to grab some food. i remember walking through this old bar-like restaurant that is kinda on the beach or something. it looks like something in waikiki but i have the feeling that this was bangkok. it was so crowded there that i had to climb up on the counter and walk over some tables to get across! i remember seeing some cute waitress and customers in the crowd as i walked over the counter/table. i also said: excuse me... WAKE.

walking on counters again...

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deep thoughts - wednesday

what is the greater emotion:
love or hate?
happiness or sorrow?

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are you still feeling sad, baby?
are you reading me?

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here is a short dream from the other night~

i was walking into a dark empty clothing store in a big empty mall alone. as i walked in, a sales lady came by and asked me if i wanted to try on some stuff. i went ahead into the change room and tried on a pair of really big and baggy abercrombie? jeans. they did not fit too well. i tried on a few other things which i don't recall but ended up not buying anything at all as the store was closing for the night... WAKE.

window shopping in my dreams again...
i'm just glad that it wasn't a kenneth cole, dkny, or a/x shop!

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i saw a few new hits in my stats from this past weekend~
please sign my guestbook sometime on your visit.
(the guestbook is on the lower right column under the poll)
i would love to hear from you!

thanks :)

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i had a yasuko dream the other night! it's been quite a while... (are you reading me?)

i dreamed that i was suppose to meet yasuko at a small floating wooden restaurant or something. much like the one in thailand that we went too, but it was here in hawaii for some reason. there were alot of islands and bridges along the way to the cafe. it was like the restaurant was seperated by some sort of stream and you had to go back and forth along both riverbanks to get there. i felt that she was waiting inside there for me. i could even see her from a distance... i tried desperately to get to her. i crossed over many streams, jumping on the little rocks, and walked over/under many narrow bridges, catwalks, and footpaths. in my journey, i saw alatini in the distance all pimped-out heading somewhere. so i asked: hey man, where are you going? he says: am taking a boat cruise with my family... as i crossed over, i see a lot people getting in line for another boat tour on the pier. there were so many people that it was hard to move around. at this point, yasuko was next to me and held my hand. we started making our way through the crowd back to the restaurant on the other side, hand in hand. after much struggle, we finally made it through to the end of the pier breaking away from the crowd, but alas,,, we had gone the wrong way. the restaurant was on the other side of the river. we had reached a dead end. i felt pretty sad. WAKE.


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i think i had a dream about rose the other night. i really don't recall much... ahem... we'll keep it at that :)

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too drunk to dream (or sleep) last night.
but don't worry...
it's in the vault baby! :)

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song in my head - thursday:

"...Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day..."

in a sweet kinda mood :)

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i watched chicago the musical last night, so i had my chicago the musical dream. it was mostly about the 6 lady prisoner tango scene... not much details just flashy images...

"ruffles" is leading in the current polls! no "ridges" supporters? :)

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songs in my head~

"...Do as you are told and maybe then we'll let you out
You might be dead and cold, you might be full of doubt
Don't try to escape cuz you don't have nowhere to go
If nothing is your fate... there's no scenario
No nothing

Do you call my name
Do you stain my brain
My eyes are blurry and I can't see you anymore
Do you call my name
Do you breed my pain
My heart is bloody and I can't take it anymore..."

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here is a classic from rose's march 11, 2003 dream. in her own words:

Alison, Eileen and I all went to go see Billy Ocean in concert. We get to the concert, and Alison and Ei take off without me, probably to go rush the stage, or pick up guys. Either way, they left me by myself to watch the concert. Thanks, girls.

Turns out that Billy Ocean had an opening act; Chef Eric in a sateen type, skin-hugging, shiny, white pair of hot pants, gyrating and displaying pelvic thrusts of the Ricky Martin nature. The fans were going wild, screaming, rushing the stage and dancing to a mysterious pop song that I can't seem to recall. Chef was really working the crowd, and I kept thinking, "I know this guy, and man, those pants are tight!"

After the concert, we ended up at someone's house. I draw a blank during this segment of the dream, but when it was time to leave, I was standing in the doorway trying to find my black shoes. There were hundreds of pairs of black shoes, ALL black, and I couldn't seem to find mine! In fact, I think I recall finding a pair that looked like mine, but they were two left shoes! Eventually, I found a pair of shoes that probably weren't mine, but I claimed them as my own anyway. I never did put the shoes on.... WAKE

thanks, rose.

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hey there! i added a new "dreaming-neko poll" to this blog thing~
please add a vote whenever your on the site. in fact, vote as many times as you wish! the more the merrier... i will be updating the poll every week or so. please contact me for any future poll suggestions or comments.
thanks :)

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thank God, it's hump-day! where are you LOL...? here's a short dream from last night:

went to a big lecture hall that kinda reminded me of crawford hall back at my uh manoa days. it was a big old place with alot of brown/tan colors everywhere. there were many people there getting ready for our art? drawing? class. we were waiting for our professor to start the lecture, but he never showed. so i walk up to admin and inquired. the admin person says: i'm sorry but the class has been cancelled. when i passed the word to others, everyone cheered: yay! no class... and got up and left to play. i saw another class that was taking place near by, and decided to sit-in on the class. it was some sort of biology class or something... WAKE.

class is good people. fill yer head! :)

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here's another long dream from the previous night:

i was having lunch with 4 ladies in a makai market place like setting area but it was supposedly in bangkok. i was sitting with my aunt, an older chinese lady, chisato and another young girl. as we were lunching, an evil couple sat down near us and was causing trouble. the guy was huge, like a pro-wrestler or something and the girl was fairly hot, but definitely evil. they were causing trouble and were trying to get me to beef with them. i was getting pretty pissed off, so i decided to step out a bit to cool off. as i came back in, i punched the swinging glass doors as i entered to continue my lunch, but the evil troublemakers were gone. as i sat down, i noticed that chisato and the other girl was gone too! i got worried. my heart was beating. but my aunt re-assured me that they had just gone to the bathroom and will be coming right back. at this point she gave me some of her strange yellow drink. it was bright yellow and gritty, but fairly sweet. i asked her: what kind of drink is this?: she responds: oh, it's called "taliew?" or "saliew?" or something... the old lady also take a sip. as i looked up, chisato and the other girl came back, and everything was ok. WAKE.

interesting... i am making up my own drink names in these dreams...

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had a pretty good 11 hour sleep last night with all sorts of stuff in my head. did not get a chance to record them all unfortunately, but this is what i recall when i woke:

am driving down the street with chisato? or someone in the car next to me. it kinda reminds me of the west hollywood area or somewhere in los angeles. i need to go to turn into this driveway that is close to mcully shopping center? but i past the correct turn (i curse) and take the next right as soon as i can. when we finally parked, i find myself now at a barbershop. i over-hear a conversation between a father and the barber talking about his son. father speaks: my son always pays for his haircuts with his high credit cards! complain. complain. complain~ WAKE.


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a late dream from thrusday night here. took me a while to add this one down after some debate. but going against my better judgement, here it is:

am shopping with the gang in the west coast super malls. looking at things here and there. at one point, i was looking at shops with "mission impossible." we were getting pretty close physically. not intentionally of course. it's just shopping. while leaning over to look at a object, our faces were close to touching. kinda reminded me of rudy's saying "our lips are so close..." from some movie. as this happened, M.I. suddenly turned to peck me 3 times on the lips. 3 fast kisses that left me totally confused. they were quite soft and innocent. after the kiss, the girl tried to play it off like nothing happened... but we both knew better. what is this funny feeling in my chest? :)

now i'm in some old restaurant somewhere drinking/eating. i get hit with some pretty wicked runs and dash to the bathroom to relieve. i enter the utterly filthy disgusting restroom there and find 2 ladies in the stalls and freaked out! did i enter the wrong room? i checked the door, but found that it was a unisex toilet. the 2 girls left a mess. i will not go into details here, but i cleaned up the place a bit and did my duties... WAKE.

from innocent kisses to diiirrrttty restrooms stops... am going to need some therapy/analysis on this one...

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deep thoughts - friday

do we LOVE people:
-for who they ARE?
-or for who we think they are?
-for who they COULD be?
-or for who we think they could be?
-for who they make US?
-or for who we think they make us?
-for who WE are together?
-or for who we think we could be together?

or is it just because they're so damn good-looking! (to us :)
i wonder...

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i got "the ring" dvd yesterday and had my "the ring" dream last night. it is a pretty freaky movie to watch alone in the dark at midnight. the dream went something like this...

in the dream i was watching a video somewhere and realized: hey! i just watched the deadly "the ring" dvd! it was not a fear thing or anything. just a realization. no scary chick popped out either. just the images on the art-nouveau video. then the scene skips to a girl (chisato or someone?) who was also watching the same video. i was nervous cause she was going to watch it too, and tried to stop her but could not. it was too late. frustration. WAKE...

when i did wake up, my hands were behind my head (like in a sit-up position or the way that allan sleeps in los angeles). it was strange cause i never sleep on my back. am a side sleeper myself (with a minor curl). need the ear on the pillow. as i got up, my tv was still on and staring back at me. Déjà vu! i fell asleep watching robin williams live on broadway dvd after the ring. i was still pretty dizzy and confused. i turned off the tv/dvd and went back to sleep to wait for the all-too-near alarm...

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had a couple of juicy dreams this past night. here goes:

i am driving into an old run-down apartment to check out a unit for rent. someone is with me, but i am not sure who. my family maybe? i step out of my car (a mercedes! c-class i think) into the grungy parking area and make my way to the lobby. the parking lot is completely covered under the building like holiday manor near daiei. in the parking lot i see a dog running around. it was super friendly and very intelligent. i remember thinking: what a friendly dog... we were greeted by the apartment guide and walked up an old spiral staircase to the upper-floors. the dog followed us up the stairs. at this point it was doing all sorts of fancy tricks to try to get our attention. the apartment was not really good, so we decided to leave. the dog was now walking behind us (on 2 legs maybe?) and talking as well? i don't remember what it was saying. but as we left, the dog was pretty sad...

stacy, allan and myself are high up on the top of a building under a tall tower/antenna in the middle of the city. we were there to watch a good looking guy (maybe alden?) do a special magic/escape trick there. we were really high up and right there at the edge. we could look down to see the ground a far way down (kinda like the top pf the stratesphere in vegas). for the escape trick, this guy was handcuffed to along chain that was attached to the top of the tower and he stood on 2 really tall skinny stilts that were made of some sort of jello like stuff. he was stuck there, suspended on that tower. the jello/flexible stilts wobbled and wiggled around with the wind. very unstable. i remember that they were blue in color. long blue stilts. though we did not see her, the escape artist's girlfriend was also trying to accomplish some sort of death-defying trick some where far away as well. it was like we had brochures or saw ads of her escape trick somewhere. just flashes of images. can he escape? will she be ok? i really didn't find out. all i know was that we were really high up and the winds were blowing fairly strong. excitement/tension was building, but... WAKE.

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there was a black cat in my dream last night. i think that it was guarding something. i can't recall the details...
it seems to be a slow dream week, overall. do you have any new dreams for me? :)

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i also had a dream about alden last night. but i can't recall it. it was not anything exciting, in any case. must have been those few drinks at mai tai's prior...

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chisato had emailed me a dream this past sunday too. i am posting it for the archives...

she was in hawaii with her mom and her brother. they all went to visit me at my house at night, but nobody was there. they were all waiting for me for some time, but they met no one there until my dad showed up. she asked him: do you know where choak is? he responds: don't worry, he will get back home soon! and my dad prepared some dishes for them. her mom and her brother went to sleep during this time while chisato waited and waited for me... but i never got home. she was so sad. WAKE.

i am sure that you'll find me in some dream some day, love!
thank you for thinking of me...

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hope you all had a great weekend. it was quite a slow one for me. a few quick dreams here and there...

on friday night, i dreamed that i was hanging out somewhere with a bunch of friends when all of a sudden i was called out on a secret important mission. i was asked to fly a helicopter to pick-up someone behind enemy lines. i don't recall much of the details, but i believe that the mission was a success (not a mission impossible :)

we are now hanging out at stacy's party or something. the place looked much like the bar area at brewmoon. we were sitting on these very high bar stools, though. they were so high that i could look down and see the tops of peoples head from there... at the other end of the bar behind a few people, sitting also on a high bar stool, i see alicia (again) smiling at me. i know that it was you because of the big cheeks. i think you had longer hair then too. but being far away behind people, on high bar stools, we did not get a chance to talk. WAKE.

such is life...

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