sydney '06 summary

the 'last morning' comes quickly to us, right after the 'last night.' at 6am we woke up for breakfast and a last-roll-around-cuddle-time (there's never enough roll-around-cuddle-time). your flight leaves so early, babe! with bags packed, i send you off with 2 kisses in the cab. is this goodbye? the cab drives off slowly, and i decide to take 'sadness' for a walk around the block with me.

thousands of runners emerged from all corners to gather at a nearby park for the city2surf race as i walked aimlessly downtown. at 10am i found myself on top of sydney tower looking down on the city and the beginning of the race. after the tower, i checkout of the hilton at 1pm and started wandering the streets again (my flight was at 9pm). i explored the rock's market, visited the pylon lookout on the bridge, went back to amo roma for lunch, ate another gelato, took the ferry to darling harbour, wandered all around the harbour, walked back to downtown, visited woolworth's (for those damn timtams!), picked-up my bags from the hotel, and caught a cab to the airport at 5:30pm. i gave 'sadness' a pretty good walk on that last day down-under.

it was such a perfect trip~ 5000 miles across the oceans to romantic sydney for that coffee with you, nane. next cup... bangkok?


flickr sydney b&w pics! flickr sydney with nane pics!

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sydney '06 part 3: opera house walk

mystery kiss

we woke up early again on day three (no time wasted) and walked to jackson's on george for a hearty breakfast before our visit to the opera house. it was a bright, sunny day and the quay was packed with visitors from all over the world. there is just never enough photos of this sexy place, there's too much to love: it's bold soaring lines, the glowing sunlight on it's tiles, the grand steps, and all the contrasting colors and textures. after fighting the tourist crowds for photos during our walk-around, we visited the coffeeshop and the sydney cove oyster bar for a light lunch of king prawns and fresh naked oysters with sparkling wine. after lunch we took a walk back around the quay to enjoy the street artists and indulge in the royal copenhagen ice cream (the gelato was better) on a warm sunny bench. we eventually hopped on the ferry back to darling harbour and walked back to the room for our afternoon roll-around-cuddle-time.

we got dressed-up at 8pm (she looked so beautiful in that dress) and took a cab back to the quay for our dinner at the trendy wildfire restaurant. the night was extra chilly and the moon was bright. she had the salmon and i had the short ribs, with the vongole appetizer, flat bread, and four glasses of AUD$20 shiraz wine. it was an excellent dinner. after the meal we took a stroll to the very busy opera bar to enjoy some live jazz and more drinks before heading back to the room. we're running out of time, love! i wanted to stay up with you all night, but the wine and the martini's were all kicking-in, and we dozed-off sometime around 1am. it was our last night together in sydney.

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sydney '06 part 2: harbor bridgeclimb

on day two we woke up extra early and waited for room service to start at 5am. we were quite famished since i slept right through dinner last night (and was talking in my sleep and tossing around all night... sorry, babe). after breakfast and more roll-around-cuddle-time, we caught a cab to bridgeclimb sydney for the 12:05 climb. at the headquarters, we checked-in, signed our safety waivers, changed into the climb-suits (blue/gray superhero outfits), strapped-on our climbing-belt (like batman) and went through the climb-training. the hike was vigorous but fun (we were still sore from yesterdays walks). the views were spectacular on the climb. it was such a beautiful day! you felt like the king up there. a young couple in our group got engaged on the bridge summit. it was magic, but we got hungry again on the climb down.

back on the ground at 3:30pm, we went to amo roma (a favorite italian place) in the rocks. we ate a big late lunch (seafood marinara, fettucine vongole, and pizza with victoria bitter) followed by some heavenly gelatissimo gelato and caught the train back to the hotel for more roll-around-cuddle-time. at 10pm we went down to the hilton's trendy zeta bar and drank six AUD$25 grey goose martini's on the balcony under dark, chilly skies and a cool view of the classy queen victoria building across the street. we followed up with some sexy dancing in the empty underground marble bar before calling it a night. whew...

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sydney '06 part 1: taronga zoo visit

i love sydney. it's such a beautiful, romantic, harbor city. a great walking-town, especially with good company. i took about 475 photos on this trip (my goal is always 100 pics a day)! but i had to censor most of the good ones just to keep it mysterious here. oh well~

we started our sydney adventures on thursday morning with breakfast at city extra cafe on the circular quay, followed by a captain cook sydney harbor cruise (darn you, captain cook!). we jumped off the boat at taronga zoo for our first attraction. taronga zoo is a beautiful, world-class zoo that lies on the hills across the harbor from the opera house and the quay. it has great scenic views of the sydney metropolitan skyline. we enjoyed the exciting free-flight bird show (a must-see!), the snake showing (yes, i touched the snake), the chimpanzee feeding (*raises monkey hands for bananas*), the komodo dragon (who wouldn't give me a good tongue photo), the (crazy, fast walking) tazmanian devil, just to name a few. our planned hour-visit turned into three fun hours and we covered most of the zoo.

we caught the next boat to darling harbor at around 3pm for a (strange-looking) sweet crepe snack and went back to the room for a power-nap and some roll-around-cuddle-time (i love roll-around-cuddle-time). i was so tired that evening, i did not wake until 4am the next day. oops! sorry, love. i'll make it up to you :)

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sydney '06 intro

4 days and 4 nights in sydney, hand in hand. it started with that first-hello-late-night-kiss in the room and ended with that last-goodbye-early-morning-kiss in the cab. i miss you, babe. i hope you had a great trip too. thank you, thank you, thank you...

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pre-trip quickies

-my head is pounding today... i feel blah all day. 3 meager heineken-lights did me in last night and i woke up with a migraine. pre-travel chills maybe? i'm such a light-weight. what do you do on migraine days?

-the official neko half-year recap (just in case your missed it): a small reckoning in january. a big heartbreak and coldplay in concert in february. las vegas with the boys and hypnosis in march. a big island wedding and volcano park visit in april. nba playoffs game in phoenix and los angeles pineapple adventures in may. a quiet 3-1 in june. niagara falls visit, and sweek nane in july. it has certainly been an omoshiroi (interesting) year...

-updated bodyfat test: 20.4% body weight: 160 lbs. darn! it's all downhill from here, people.

-chat topic of the week: 'are you a fast say-er, or a slow one?' how long does it take you to say 'i love you' in a new relationship? what are the rules? the women say that the men MUST say it first. is this a rule? what is too fast (2 weeks)? and what is too slow (6 months)? what is normal (2 months)? do you remember your last first 'i love you?' how does the speed of 'i love you' correlate with (physical) intimacy? how does it correlate with shyness? i tend to be a fast say-er, overall. i don't ever want to miss a chance. it's like those sad movies where the guy dies with love, but never says it... i don't want to be those people.

-i'm sporting a new look these days: shaved head with a light beard. i call it my light gruff shel silverstein look. what do you think?

-well, the bags are packed and we're ready to go. 48 hours til coffee in sydney. are you ready, babe? see you soon!

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two-part CY dream

1. i dreamed that i was living in a condo with CY but they were demolishing the building. we decided to stay in the room together for one more night even as the building was dangerously shaking and leaning to one side. it was a rough night. when we woke up, the building was leaning so far right that our window was almost parallel to the ground. people outside had to help us out before it all fell down. we tried to salvage some valuables with us, but all i had were crates of dvds. we got out safely just before the building collapsed into a pile of rubble. it was a close call... WAKE!

2. i was out drinking and playing pool with CY and a bunch of airline people. a guy kept on hitting on CY and she was flirting back with him for some reason. i tried to ignore the situation and chat with LW. but she sat there across from me holding the fella's hand. i gave her a look, but she wouldn't let go. she was just taunting me. i got up and walked over to a pool table and flipped it over in anger with one big lifting move (like the incredible hulk). that broke-up the situation real fast. i walked out of the room with her... what were you thinking, babe? WAKE!

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i love sweek nane.

she's fun, sweet, crazy, sexy, good and naughty.
see you in seven days, babe.

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