can you guess what day it is tomorrow?

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whale watching dream

i dreamed that i was walking across a long empty terminal with some girl. the terminal walkway had glass walls like an airport and was located high above a large harbor. in the ultra-clear waters below, i saw a big group of blue whales swim into the harbor. i rushed to show my partner the swimming whales. we are so lucky to catch them here! we were quite excited watching them from high above. WAKE.

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i missed a post-day! rats.

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need a new neko

the neko needs a new neko. i got this one in tokyo (dec 2004), but it ran out of love. how can we dream without love?

do you have a dreaming-partner?

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feels like:

something's missing...

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i ate your chocolates late last night. it feels as if you'll disappear with that last bite of heaven... are you still there?

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quitting update: week 9

the official 'quitting' deadline is next week (june 1st). yes people, the end is near. over the past 9 weeks, i've made some progress with this heart. it is reckless and it is stubborn, but it's learned its lesson (i think). woman, i'm quitting you in 7 days... and that's that.

since this quitting is going so well, i decided to add MT to the list too. i am quitting you, love. take care~

so be a good quitter! join the club! and let go!

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more pleasures

got tagged by sweet duke.

it’s a great thing to be able to count your blessings, even the simplest ones. instructions: name ten (10) of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten (10) people to do the same. try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

life’s simplest pleasures in my terms…

  1. coffee
  2. good friends
  3. sleeping in
  4. silly chats
  5. holding hands
  6. being there
  7. blue skies
  8. your smile
  9. sing aloud
  10. dreaming

tagging~ christine, jane, cherry, nina, ritzko, mandy, sandy, clearcandy, kay, and dez! so get to it, people! :)

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3 days in L.A.

no paparazzi please!

it was a quick and crazy 3 days in los angeles. the highlights include: RT, AT, and AG company. the beverly hilton, in-room 42 inch plasma tvs, santa monica promenade stroll, johnny rockets burgers and malts, smorkin labbits, pineapples, chilly weather, yankee doodles beer, kenneth cole shoes!, santa monica pier walk, bubbles!, finger painters, grey skies, century city center, lobby bar, martinis!, phone call waiting, usa today awards, 2 long days of conference meetings, not much sleep, koi restaurant!, sesame lobster, travis barker, otokoyama sake!, paparazzi!, mr. wong, grauman's chinese theater, hollywood & highland center, hollywood walk of fame stroll, beverly center, boule chocolates, and 5 minutes with ms pineapple... oh well... til next time.

more fun pics here: los angeles

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too drunk and sleepy to post... updating tomorrow :P

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after-trip quickies

-i'm back! i'm back! and i miss you... it's been a busy work-weekend here. still catching up on my blog-reading~ how is everyone?

-congrats to sweet AT on your engagement today! i'm so honored to be the first notification call (by default)! let's celebrate! * hugs and cheers *

-had a great starbucks on saturday with fun hawaii bloggers: consuela and ritzko. thanks for dropping by~ coffee anytime! when's our butterfish? :)

-she said that i sounded 'gentle' on the phone... is that a good thing?

-i love my new crocodile sandals with a matching belt from that last kenneth cole splurge. i also picked up another pair of black loafers. it took me 3 shops, 5 visits and 1 exchange to get it right. * whew *

-stay tuned for the hollywood-neko post... cheers~

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the pineapple adventures...

in the beginning

it started with a long chat and ended with a brief last-minute (no coffee) parking lot meeting. these pineapples travelled 3,000 miles over 5 days through 3 cities on crowded planes in lonely airports just to be with you, woman...

and i'd do it all over again.

i love happy endings. til next time.
travel pics at: the pineapple adventures

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delivery in 30 minutes...

yippie! :P

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last night

it's my last night here in LA and still no calls. i can only drown my sorrows with kenneth cole shoes * sigh *

update: 2 pairs of shoes and a belt later... guess who calls at 12:30am?

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the pineapples have landed

waiting for a call...

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nba playoffs!

i love the suns...

the suns are playing the clippers tonight just three blocks from my downtown hotel! i'm gonna try to pickup some cheap nosebleed seats after the conference. nba playoffs, here we come! :P

update: $80 scalper-tickets for the sold-out game (3 rows from the back wall)! 20,000 screaming drunk fans (with girls gone wild)! suns beat clippers 125 - 118 in a thrilling double-overtime game! yay!

more game pics at: nba playoffs

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lana posting

well, we made it to phoenix, and the pineapples are doing fine. i don't have lulu the notebook here, so i'll be posting with lana the treo for the week. the pics will be updated later. cheers~

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i'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, and i'm bringing the pineapples with me. so i hope to see you out there, woman... let's coffee :)

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more wedding cheers~

mabuhay and bonzai to the new couple!

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on scented-candles

i used to be a vanilla man. vanilla is so smooth and sweet. a great scent for the bedroom (especially with company). but after so many lost vanilla nights, i've learned to let it go. my new love is: verbena. it's so fresh and alive... i've become addicted. in reminisce, there are 3 unique scents that i miss: CY's milky lips so close to me at night, MT's gucci eau de parfum II on her neck and shoulders, and a henri bendel lemon verbena candle lighting up my room.

can you guess which scent still lingers?
what are your favorite candles?

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friday nights with gym

i turned down clubbing night with the ladies to hang out with gym tonight... oh man, i must be getting old...

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little jumper dream

i dreamed that was sitting in the living room of a house chatting with some friends. as i turned to look out the window, i saw a little girl walking on the neighbor's rooftop next door. she trots to the edge and jumps without hesitation! i was shocked and worried. we all rushed to the window to see what happened. looking out, we were surprised to see the little girl's parents in sky-diving suits floating with her through the clouds. it looks like a sky-diving lesson. i guess we must be very high up! the girl floats down to the ground safely with her family. its all ok. WAKE.

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late night quickies

-yup, it's 11:43pm and i'm still in the office. yay!

-we had a nice small bbq gathering for AO last sunday. happy bday, man! time flies with ML gripes (west-side!), cold swimming pools, little elle, frosty heinekens and juicy ribeyes :P

-my arms are peeling this week from the previous big island wedding adventures. 3 weeks after! my face peeled after only a week~ what gives?

-i had 3 good deeds last week: helped do a paper, an exam and a move (the legs come off, man). just waiting for that good karma to arrive in the mail now... is it fedex-ed or usps? :P

-have another wedding this saturday at the sheraton waikiki. the whole island is getting married this year (but me...). congrats, DT!

-will be flying out to phoenix and los angeles next week (may 15-20) for 2 conferences. if your out in the area, please drop me a call~ let's coffee :)


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seen on a t-shirt

'love is for losers'
hmmm, i got to get me that shirt.....

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i'm looking for a 10

how sexy are you?
take the quick test at
(don't worry, it's PG-13)

darn~ i was just on the cusp of steamy :P

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where are you?

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good stuff...

will come to those who wait... thank you for waiting :)

in the meantime, i'd like to send * big hugs * to sweet clearcandy half the world away. keep smiling, love.

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all filler

ok... this is a filler post. there's nothing of substance here. just a short note to make the daily quota, but i promise... more good stuff tomorrow :)

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invitation - shel silverstein

gotta borrow these words for dreaming-neko (and my life)...

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spilled-water dream

i dreamed that was i attending a credit union function at a big banquet some place. i had to help out the staff with something, but got clumsy and spilled some water all over my shirt. i quickly walked to the bathroom to clean up the mess, trying to avoid the guests on the walk. back at the main table, i sat down next to MT for dinner. she asks me if i saw CY in the crowd. she said that CY was here with some older guy. i did not see them on the walk, and muttered: 'great, rub it in...' i continue to eat with MT, but i had this feeling that she did not care about me. she was more interested in the food... i told her to eat more, its a buffet, but then she declines... WAKE.

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it's 3am and i'm wide awake thinking: is anybody wide awake thinking of me wide awake thinking of them at 3am? i certainly hope so... :P

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the neko's new lid

i love white caps~

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one thing

the ladies say that 'men only want one thing...'

so what is that?

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suicide kitkat dream

i dreamed that this little girl was committing suicide by eating a poisoned kitkat bar. as she ate it, she had to decide if she wanted to stay forever on earth as a spirit trapped in the fridge near someone she loved or disappear and be forever gone. she eventually decides to stay because of her attachments and starts to eat the poisoned kitkat. she chomps down hard with tears in her eyes and with her last bite she had to make sure that the kitkat gets stuck in her throat a certain way so that her soul would get sucked directly into the correct fridge. she does it right and becomes forever trap there waiting and watching over her loves. the fridge door closes. the image slowly pans-out. fade to black. WAKE.

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it's a boy!

the boys: KO, AO, neko, AM, ST

congrats to AO and MO on their second child (baby noah)! the boys drove down last week to celebrate with heinekens in the hospital parking garage (cigars are over-rated). let's call this tradition... congrats!

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-i got called a 'coffee-whore' tonight... and it made me blush. i guess that explains why i was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a closed starbucks chatting (IM) with a sweet sexy stranger at 11:30pm. where's my pimp? same time, same place? :)

-i washed/waxed the car (lily) on sunday and it did NOT rain! but as fate would have it~ i drove to the gym at 10:30pm and ran through a red-dirt mudslide at the gulch along the way. * sigh *

-i went to border's yesterday to check-up on my chinese horoscopes for the year... heck , its been 4 months already in 2006 and i need some good news. but i couldn't find the books anywhere and i was too ashamed to ask. i walked out with 2 robert kiyosaki 'rich dad, poor dad' books instead on the spree. in a moment of inspiration, i decided to totally bypass this current broke-state and aim straight for the riches. yippie!

-mark your calendars: the honolulu U2 concert has been (tentatively) re-scheduled for december 9th! with or without you?

-i'm gonna try to blog daily here for the month of may. so get your neko daily, people! it's gonna be juicy~ cheers!

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