F #^%$*&%^## K !!!!

sorry... i had to let some out...

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the purple ball dream

I dreamed that I was walking down the street in Bangkok with some friends. We were just shopping and looking for a place to eat. While my friends were checking out some other stores, I walked into a small dark bookstore. There were many books and magazines there lining the walls, but I could not read thai too well. I stepped out and caught up with my friends. For some reason I was caryying this big purple inflatable clear beach ball with me on the walk. I tried to bounce the ball but it hit a curb and bounced onto the main road! The wind started blowing the ball away towards the oncoming trafic. I frantically chased after the ball dodging the oncoming headlights. I finally reached the ball and try to wack it towards the sidewalk. Stretching out to grab it with both hands. Yes! Caught it! I walked back to join my friends hugging the ball firmly in my arms. Whew~ that was close! WAKE.

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eating-neko: anna miller's

more eating? yes! i went to anna miller's restaurant in pearlridge with ST a couple of weeks ago after circuit city. anna miller's is a denny's-like restaurant chain with a diverse menu but is famous for their pie desserts and short/busty waitress outfits. it's been a long time since our last visit here. we both ordered the fried honey chicken which came with a dinner roll and porteguese bean soup. the soup was good, but the chicken came out a bit dry. the food was ok overall but not special. in anycase, the fresh strawberry pie dessert was the highlight of the meal. it was a house specialty. the sweet strawberries, crunchy crust and light whipped cream were just heaven. this fresh strawberry pie is seasonal, so drop on by and get them while you can. cheers~

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a sign

my thai boxing trunks and handwraps came in the mail this week. i ordered them back in JUNE. just a tad late. the 2 XXL trunks are blue/black and have 'muay thai' (written in thai) on them. the handwraps are elastic and extra-long for better fit and protection. i've not gone to kickboxing class for about 2 months now. what am i suppose to do with 3 pairs of muay thai trunks? wear them around the house and flash people when i sit down (they are quite short and have wide leg openings)? i guess i should try to make it to class today... it must be a sign.

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laziness part 2

so it was thursday night and i had used up my last 2 new boxers from the store. i am completely out again and i've still not done my laundry for the past 2 1/2 weeks. the laundry bag actually stands about 3 feet tall now. it's like a fat hobbit with a bad attitude sitting in the corner of my room staring back at me. will i cave in and do my laundry this night? no. i dare not give up. i'm fighting the war. i drove to old navy again after the gym and picked up another 2 day supply of boxers. i'm going to make it to the weekend! i'll be good to go! but sinking lower and lower in the pits of laziness searching for my sanity (and something more interesting to blog about)...

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eating-neko: young's kal bee

last sunday i went to young's kal bee in aiea (near the bowl alley) with ST after the gym. young's kal bee is a korean bbq restaurant with the best kabli on the island. period. their secret marinade is amazing and the meat jun-kalbi combo is just perfect. first introduced by RO, young's kal bee has become the staple place for kalbi. the meat reminds me of the fresh-market eats that i used to get in bangkok... ahh reminisce. our main dish at young's was the meat jun/kalbi combo. the meat jun is extra-light. when dipped in the sweet sauce, it just melts on your tongue. the shop is a small simple hole-in-the-wall eatery but the service is always warm and personable (the happiest korean lady that we know here). so if your out on the westside and got a craving for bbq: drop on by to young's kal bee... you'll love it.

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laziness and lana

Ok I admit it. I was so lazy and tired yesterday, I drove to old navy (at nearby waikele outlet) to buy 2 boxer briefs for $8 because I was too lazy to do laundry last night... Yes, it's been a long week...

Lana update: lana took a few scratches here and there. It almost gave me a heart attack. The premium $39 sena leather case sucked and looked cheap, so I got a backup silicone frosted clear case for $19. Lana's got a new skin! and she looks and feels great! Ha!

On the brightside, I did get to catch up on my blog readings for the week. It took me almost 2 hours to go through my entire blogroll! Thanks for dropping by the neko in my obsessive absence! Cheers to you!

P.S. I'm not crazy! I'm just bored and eccentric! bleah! :P

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bedtime posts with lana

it's almost 2am here, but lana keeps me up late... so i think i'll start a new series of random bedtime posts. deep tired thoughts often float out a few minutes before sleeping. so i hope that these posts will lead to some self enlightenment along the way.

in anycase i packed up the old pics today. i brought them to waikele for sorting and reminisce. i was going to post and oldie here or there, but just never got around to it. there were so many photos. it filled up a 30 qt rubbermaid container from daiei. i packed up the old pics (ex and all) and will take them back to a hidden closet at the folks place. i'm taking a friend's advise: hide them well or throw them away...

so did i learn anything going through a thousand old photos of yester years? well for one: i realized that so much has happened in the past 30 years. so many people. so many places. so many things done. and its been all good . but two: i realize that the old pics do belong in old albums in old rubbermaid containers. we need to make room for new pics and new albums.

so maybe i'll rediscover these pics again some day, all old and dusty like lost treasures from the past. i hope to add some new pics to the bunch this time and hide them all again when that time comes... :)


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stuck in a house dream

i dreamed that ten strangers were stuck in an strange old house and i was one of them. it was like a horror movie. bad stuff happened to people when they try to leave. one person left the house and decided to change his evil ways to good: got dressed in a happy santa outfit for the kids, but walked by a tiki lamp and spontaneously combust! he became a pile of ashes as we watched in shock. It was scary, ironic and sad. we all wanted to walk out but we're too afraid. we braved a few steps out of the front door but had to rush back in before something bad happened. we are stuck here... WAKE

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eating neko: california beach rock'n roll sushi

(pics courtesy of lana)

last thursday we celebrated AO's second baby news at cal beach rock'n roll sushi on ward ave. CONGRATS, AO! we're going to be uncles again! cal beach is one of our favorite haunts for great sushi, fun atmosphere and reasonable prices. with the new menu changes here, we ordered the sunset platter with 18 pieces and 2 speciality rolls, chicken karaage, and teriyaki steak. we unfortunately fell for the $5 large heineken sale and drank 2 bottles of stinky old beer. but we got to redeem with a large carafe of otokoyama sake to finish the night's celebration. congrats, AO! and thanks ST, for the generosity! it's great to be a part of this family of people. cheers~

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school wandering dream

i dreamed that i was wandering around a big empty school campus waiting for a big function. i was looking for cy there. i found her in some old classrooms, and went to meet dad. he was not in a good mood. is he not happy with cy? or me? i was not sure... WAKE.

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highs and lows

lana is a fiesty gal~
it's a love-hate relationship.
i've sacrificed so much for you~
we need to find a happy middle.

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meet lana!

well, it started like this: after my apple ipod nano post and a productive week at the office, i drove to circuit city on friday to see thenew nano, but they didn't have it. so i drove down to sprint again to torment myself with the palm treo (my 7th visit). the palmone treo 650 was everything that i wanted. she was everything that i needed: a palm PIM (datebook, to do, memos, contacts), phone, camera, video, photo album, game, email, mp3 player, and much more in one cool smartphone! my friends said that i was insane to want her. i had just upgraded my phone recently (from the sanyo 8100 to the 8300), but was quite disappointment. my desire was fathomless. my will was firm. on saturday, i drove out to compusa to check-out the nano again. there it was in all its glory. it was quite beautiful. at $199 for the 2 gb, it was not a bad deal now that it has a color screen with photo capability. a tiny gem. crowds of people swarmed around me as i was testing the product. it was hard to put down, but i knew that it would only be a quick fix. the treo was the true love. i already bought three mp3 players in the past year, and i hardly carry them around. i let go of the nano (it took alot of effort) and drove to sprint next door. i asked if i could hold the new treo in my hand. they brought one out for me and it was a done... i couldn't let her go. i had to take her home (even though i had to pay the * gulp * full fare with her cause i had used up all my phone rebates on the last upgrade). so i took her home and spent the last 2 days of my life with her setting up everything (i've not ate or slept in 2 days). her name is lana. she is smart, beautiful and wild. we'll be everywhere together...

i hope lulu doesn't get jealous! :)

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did you guys see the new apple ipod nano! oh man... i'm drooling already... * reaches for wallet * darn! no money!

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feast or famine

here's the quote of the today from MC making fun of a co-worker's visible neck hickey (love-bite) and his secret new love:

"with love and sex, it's either: 'feast or famine!'
there's no in between~ so eat well or starve!
a thousand hickeys now or none at all..."

we spent the rest of the morning teasing the poor fellow. it was a good morning :)

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i heart wednesdays

i heart wednesdays, cause wednesday is new honolulu weekly day. i love this free publication. the stands can be found all over town (especially at starbucks, coffeetalk and other hip places). i live for it. it's more of a lifestyle than just a free paper with interesting movie, food, art, theater, club reviews and a comprehensive 7-day event listing. it's a different way of thinking with alternative voices, comics and commentary. even the ads are cool. ok, i must admit that the honolulu weekly is one of my favorite bathroom readings. it's also a favorite wait-for-someone-at-starbucks reading. i just love to pick it up. i'm going to marry a honolulu weekly reader one day! so if your out on the town on a fine sunny wednesday and happen to walk by one of those bright red stands, just go ahead and pick up that honolulu weekly... it may just be love...

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spooky 2

thanks for all your spooky stories in the last spooky post! everyone's got a good ghost story out there it seems. i must have told mine a hundred times to a hundred people at a hundred places... so let's do it again...

i was about 11 or 12 years old at the time. we were living back in our bangkok house. i slept on the second floor right next to my parents room. one night, i woke up for no reason very early in the morning. it was still dark out. i tried to get back to sleep, but then i heard the knocking on my bedroom door. who would be knocking at this hour? my fraidy-cat instincts kicked-in and i dove under the sheets. the knocking became a banging: louder, and louder! and closer, and closer: moving from the door, up the wall to the ceiling above me! i trembled and prayed under the blanket. i don't know how long it lasted, but suddenly: silence. i peeked out from under the sheets and saw the sun slowly rising from the corner of the window... the day had come and the noise had gone. i turned on the bed-lamp and started to read. my mom openned the door a few minutes later and asked if i was ok. i guess she had heard the noise too, but i'm not sure why i did not ask her about it. she closed the door and went downstairs. a few minutes later, she came back up (in tears) to tell me that grandma had passed away...

it still gives me chills. she had been sick for a long time and slept in a room on the first floor. my cousin was caring for her that night and fell asleep in the same room. i guess she woke us to say goodbye. thank you grandma. we love you.

i've got a few more stories... (but i'll save them for later). how about you?

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eating-neko: hale vietnam

i visit hale vietnam in waialae on 12th ave for lunch last monday with KN. it's always one of our favorite vietnamese food stops on a coffeetalk day. the pho (rice noodle soup) here has the best soup base in the city and is very popular with both tourists and locals alike. unfortunately it was quite a hot day for pho, so KT had the lemongrass chicken and springroll bun (cold vermicelli with veggies but no soup) and i had the shrimp fried rice. both dishes were excellent and filling. while the prices here are a bit higher than the other local vietnamese restaurants, the food and service here are top notched. a must visit on those cold honolulu winter nights. so drop on by!

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all video-ed out

well, i took out the video-jukebox thingy from the left sidebar. it was one of those hit/miss things on the blog page. either you love it or you hate it. i'll summed it up as follows:

-hey, check out my great taste in music!
-adds a multi-media dimension to the page
-express current moods through music selection
-media player looks cool and technical on the site

-i will force you to listen to this music!
(autoplay-stop code only works in IE)
-getting lazy updating videos
-not the same damn song again! (and again... and again...)
-multiple songs playing in multiple open windows

so now the video is gone. i am no longer cool. but in it's place i added some more quick-picks blocks to be updated (space fillers). what are your thoughts on the videos?

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mush-brain tuesdays

well, it's tuesday (almost) morning and i'm back to work after 4 days off. my brain is mush. everything is moving in slow motion here... just waiting for that coffee to kick-in. is it lunch time yet? how are you guys doing? :)

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happy birthday, MT!

Where the Sidewalk Ends

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

-Shel Silverstein

i'll meet you where the sidewalk ends... have a great year!

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the where is my duffel dream

i dreamed that i was suppose to go to class with this cute little girl (not sure who) who lived next door and flirted with me all day, but i could not find my duffel bag. it had all my stuff in it. for some reason, i was living on the street in front of this condo with only 2 possessions: my big black duffel bag and a nice grey sweater. the rain started to pour and my sweater got all wet and muddy because it was lying in a big puddle that had formed. i picked up the sweater and placed it on a chair to dry, and proceeded to venture into the building next door to find my bag. it looks like a gym locker room or a big kitchen area here. i asked around but no one knew where it was and the people were giving me a hard time about it. the cute girl is waiting for me outside. i need to go to class. i need to find my bag! what should i do? WAKE.

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i heard an eerie voice in the dark wind... but there's no one around. it's 1am in the morning and i'm walking to my car at the office. i couldn't make it out. where was it coming from? it's giving me chicken-skin and making my heart jump. i rush to the car and made it back home. *phew* do you have any spooky stories out there?

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football bonding: USC 63 - UH 17

+ =

i am not really a big sports fan. it's not that i don't like sports, but i don't really follow it. maybe i just need to pick a favorite team or something? i normally watch discovery channel over espn. *gasp* but yesterday afternoon, i watched the UH football team play against number 1 ranked USC live on espn with my dad. it's a small tradition: UH football and pizza bonding between father and son. what could be better than spending time with this great man? (he did put me through 12 years of private school and 6 years or college) the game was quite brutal, with a 32 point gambling spread for hawaii. the numbers looked fair at half time, but we got demolished in the 3rd quarter and they didn't make the spread. the 2 new quarterbacks look promising in anycase, it'll be an interesting re-building season for the team. thanks, dad. i love ya.

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ear today, gone tomorrow

i almost lopped-off an ear trying to shave my head with a gilette mach 3 razor the other night. blood was flowing down my ear as if mike tyson had bit it off! it was a ugly scene. but when i actually cleaned it up, i found out that it was only a tiny nick. all that blood came from that little cut? i guess we tend to blow things out of proportion sometimes when it comes to blood (i like my left ear). i'm such a big baby...

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a jealousy dream

i dreamed that i was walking with CY(?) and a big muscular friend around the las vegas strip. as we were walking, CY started putting me down by saying how she wished that she was with someone bigger and better like my friend here (hugging his big arm). she would tease and flirt with my friend just to make me jealous (and it was working). my friend was an innocent bystanding in all of this, looking back at me with that vacant: what's-going-on-man look. i was at tipping point, but still shocked and confused. "what the hell is she doing...?" i pondered. i cannot be with someone like this. why is she acting up tonight? i was quite sad and disappointed as we walked back to the hotel. WAKE.

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UH wahine volleyball!

i went to watch the UH (university of hawaii - my old school) women's volleyball game at the stan sheriff center yesterday with ST and AM. it was a fun night. volleyball is quite big here in the islands and a decent crowd of 7,000 came to cheer the team against USC (university of southern california). we got some really good free tickets this time around: section C, row 3, right behind jim leahey the sportscaster! we had a great view of the game (and the cheerleaders that touched AM). this volleyball team was ranked number 1 (or 2) in the nation last year, but started off this season with 2 losses against some tough teams. so they had much to prove tonight in this first match of the tournement. the group started kinda slow in the first game, but slowly found it's rhythm. the team eventually won the match in 3 straight games~ just enough for one large 32 ounce beer. the crowd went wild. if only the football team could do this well against USC tomorrow... oh well. after the game, we drove out to taiyo ramen for some extra-filling curry and called it a night. go team!

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a question on old pics

i was digging through a huge pile of old pics today thinking about that 'what were you like' tag (i'm still working on it, consuela!) when i started to ponder:

what are people suppose to do with old photos of their ex'es? are you suppose to dump them all everytime you/they meet someone new? is there some un-written rule somewhere about these things? i've got about 10 years worth of ex-photos piled up in a closet at my parent's condo. it's been 10 fun, crazy years. do i need to throw them all away? one of the ex'es is married, one's about to be married, two are still single and i'm still single (they were mostly good breakups- i still keep in touch with 3 of them). what's the official rules on current status and old pics? is it normal to keep this stuff? i don't feel that i'm attached to them, but am i still holding on? do i need to let it all go? what do you guys do?

answers much appreciated :)

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