had a good one last night. it went something like this:

i was on a mini-adventure to visit allan at his new house. he lived far away and the road between us was quite a dark and dangerous one. a sense of imminent danger was heavy in the air. i was sneeking about like a ninja in the night around the neighboorhood on the way there. as i got to his place, i peeked through his window and saw his mom and parents there. to avoid them i had to sneak out to the back of his apartment complex and jump down the stairs to the lower level apartments. i was wandering around there for a while. i finally found myself at allan's house and hung out for a bit. there was a girl there too (but am not sure who). after sometime at the allan's house, i had to head back home. as i was heading out, the authorities were there outside looking for somebody! i got excited and rushed back into the house. they followed me in as told everyone to place their hands up and face the wall. we did. the girl there starts laughing at me saying that the cops were after me now, but just as she finishes her sentence: the cops rush her, cuff her and start dragging her away kicking and screaming. she was the evil one after all... ha ha... :)

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i had a short strange dream a few nights ago. i don't remember much, but i do recall see a man walking around carrying a unicycle. he was mumbling to himself: i gotta perform... i gotta perform...


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added another classic twisted japanese movie to my dvd collection today: "visitor q" by director takashi miike.

a very twisted dark comedy satire that is definitely worth watching for the open-minded.
be warned, kids!

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hey! it's been a while... but i got a strange one last night :)

i couldn't read the first part of my hazy morning dream notes! but it looks something like this: "hit warm ---> nep" what the hell is that! anyways, continuing on: a man is in my dream. he says to me: you can do better... i then find myself taking out this cute girl for a walk. we end up walking into this quiet secluded deserted beach area. the area is very dark and dreary (it must be night time). we sat down at the beach to chat, when suddenly her boyfriend enters the scene! he seemed to be a good looking guy too. i had to kinda play-off the intimate night beach walk/chat thing and scoot over to the side. he gives me a quick look and sits down next to her. i sit down alone across from them looking pretty pathetic. it was pretty awkward...

am high above the building on a balcony on a hill above chinatown. i can see the many active streets and people. an old lady on another balcony starts talking to me as we watched the crowds below. she starts going off into tangents and concludes her speech with: ....and that is the history of chinatown... after her speech, i find myself down the hill in the crowded streets with the people participating in a funeral procession/parade... it was more of a celebration than a mourning, but i knew that it was a funeral. for some reason, i end up sitting on top of the sealed coffin as the people carried it and me down the street. very strange.

any thoughts?

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it'a been a pretty slow dream-week here, it seems...
any good dreams out there? :)

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was watching a japanese horror/thriller last night called: audition by director takashi miike, so i had my audition dream last night. it was pretty creepy too and i am not that squeemish about these things. about some lonely guy and a psycho chick...

check it out sometime!: "audition"

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i was watching a japanese horror film called: uzumaki (spiral) last night on the sundance channel at 1am, so i had a nice creepy uzumaki dream to follow. can't remember the details, but it was pretty disturbing...

check it out sometime!: "uzumaki"

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i remember a naked girl in my dream last night. not sure who it was or what happened... hopefully i'll get more details tonight :)

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i had a good long dream last night, but after about 5 ringing alarms, i lost most of the details. this is all i recall:

am in the mainland somewhere. maybe vegas? or los angeles with a group of friends. we all decided to go swimming in the outside pool and start to get ready in our swimsuits and trunks. at one point, i remember showing alison my cool "swiss army card" with all its special functions. she was not very impressed.... WAKE.

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there seems to be alot of: "i believe in the one" voters out there in this poll!
or is allan clicking the vote button multiple times here? :)
any takers for "i don't believe in the one?"

i wonder...

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was watching a standup performance by bill maher (the politically incorrect host) a few nights ago. he had a pretty profound quote. i kinda like the words:

"...men are only as loyal as their options..."

what are your thoughts? :)

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some quick ones from last night:

was playing superball with chisato. you know, those small rubber balls that are super bouncy. the kind that you get at those quarter coin machines everywhere. well, we were walking around in my house in bangkok up to this narrow, crooked stretch of footpath. i remember giving her a back hug and thinking: there is not enough time... on the narrow crooked footpath, i saw a couple of kids playing, but since they were not suppose to be there and were in the way, i kinda shoo-ed them away and kicked them out. one of the kids was pissed off. so there we were playing with the superball, bouncing it back and forth.

while we were playing superball, i glanced over to the main gate of the house to watch this drama unfold. an old couple was walking by the house outside. i did not know who they were, but the old guy was deeply in love with someone in the house and couldn't help but stop, peaked in, and tried to call to someone to open the gate. i was watching this unfold outside of my house, but it had nothing to do with me, so i ignored it and continued playing superball with chisato...

it now cuts to a very short scene. i am putting on a pair of shoes and start walking out. for some reason, i am wearing my leather shoes on the wrong sides (the left shoe on right feet and vice versa). i notice that the edges crinkle a bit when i walked, but it was ok. some guy was with me as i was walking and asked about my shoes, i said: i am wearing them on the wrong sides, but they fit fine. the edges crinkle/wrinkle a bit when i step, but its ok... WAKE.

it's going to be ok...

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