thanks, santa...

i got ajitsuke nori (seasoned seaweed) from my grab-bag santa at the christmas party this year. last year, i got spam...

i must have been on that 'naughty-list' again :(

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my 'this week'

we must be on different calendars...

cause my 'this week' started on a monday. that's how i plan my week: work 5 days, off 2 days. LC's 'this week' started on a sunday (like it is displayed on the calendars): off sunday, work 5 days, off saturday. do people actually start their weeks on a sunday? wouldn't that split up their weekends? i'm not sure. maybe that's why we're on different pages at times: we must be living in different weeks.

so are we meeting on your 'next week' or my 'this week?'
i am left befuddled...
will our days ever align?
cross your fingers...

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to all you dreamers...

merry christmas!
inside every box~ a dream. inside every dream~ love...
have a great weekend :)

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i am a horrible gift-wrapper. the edges are crooked, the paper is too short and the tape is everywhere... so what IS the best way to wrap up 'love?'

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coffeebean... coffeebean...
my kingdom for a coffeebean!

(let it be so :)

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maui part 3 summary

maui part 3 with CY in early december was quite a memorable (though short) trip. aside from the haleakala sunrise and whale-watch adventures, we got to drive around the island in a sebring convertible and enjoy our stay at the mountain-side kula lodge. this was my first lodge experience and quite a pleasant surprise. the rustic, romantic chalets had a fireplace, a loft, heated bathrooms, old furniture, a cozy bed, lots of dust, ocean/mountain view, really strange wall decorations (a bird's nest?) and no TV! we spent the evening at the lodge restaurant in the best corner-table for a 2-hour sunset dinner (she had the mahi mahi, i had the tenderloin with a glass of cabernet). we slept early that night in the dark room watching the floating dust twinkle in the fireplace's glow (did i mention that there was no TV in the room?). so what makes a perfect neighboor-island getaway trip? good weather, nature, open-air driving, ocean-side walks, sunsets, sunrise, stars, oceans, mountains, krispy kremes, coffee, fine dining, fireplaces, and chalets? yes. all that and a great travel partner. thank you, CY. i'll miss you. have a great year~

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haleakala sunrise

i drove up to the summit of haleakala on maui last week with CY to watch the majestic sunrise at 10,000+ ft. it was quite a show... well worth the 4:30am wakeup-time, crazy sleepy drive, and the 38-degree freezing weather with high winds. we reached the top at around 5:15am wrapped in our sweaters, stumbling-up the stairway to the dark observation room before running back into the the car to warm up. under the dark skies, the stars danced before us. i swear that i've never seen so many stars in all my life. it was so beautiful. at 5:45am we rushed back up to the observation room to capture the last good viewing-spot for the sunrise show. people started crowding in, but a few brave (crazy) souls were determined to fight the cold outside for the best photos. we waited in anticipation. it took a good 45 minutes for the sun to rise above the heavy clouds in all its glory. the stars were packed up for the night. daylight is here. in the end, i could not decide which was better: the google of stars or the sunrise show. it was truly, magic.

for more sunrise pics: click here!

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maui whale watch

i went whale watching in maui with CY last week (she is visiting for her 7th honolulu marathon race). yes, maui part 3 (feb, may and dec 2005). i'm getting pretty good at haleakala, but i still need to work on that hana drive thing (haven't made it once yet). on this short trip, we went on a whale watching cruise with the pacific whale foundation, a non-profit eco-tourism company located at maalaea harbor. it was quite early in the whale season which officially starts on december 16th so there was no whale sighting guarantee, but there have been a few sightings during the week (it was a whale-searching tour). the weather was beautiful and the waters were quite calm. after 2 mai tais on the boat, we saw dolphins swimming by. accompanying the dolphins were 2 young humpback whales that came to play. they were pretty amazing. trying to capture that flipper-shot in the water was another challenge. we definitely needed a faster camera with more zoom! in the end, i managed to capture a few tail-shots after much running around (with alittle luck).

for more whale watching pics: click here!

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nocturnal activities

i like to sleep in really dark rooms. you know, like the hotel experience with extra thick curtains. if you open your eyes in the dark, it feels like you have stepped into a dream. the boundaries of self and space disappears and you become one with the room, body-less. if you had a partner with you, you'd be fumbling for that peck on the lips (and might hit a nose or something). in any case, my room is fairly dark here in waikele. the moon and stars dare not shine through my thin curtains in the night. no street lights in the back yard. the only thing that shines in my little room are all these darn green power adapter lights! they glow like fireflies. one for lana (the treo). one for lulu (the notebook). one for the tv's surge protector (tv's look kinda menacing lit green from behind - think 'the ring'). one for the digital camera battery charger (orange charging, green when full). they cast a ghostly glow upon the ceiling and my dark room becomes possessed with green spirits. i can't sleep. it's 4:30am in the morning and your insomnia is infectious.

on a random note from a previous conversation, LC calls sex: 'nocturnal activities.' what term do you use? :)

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the 'sign'

i must be kinda dense... but i am still waiting for the 'sign.' you know, that 'green-light' signal that women give... the one right before the 'move.' LC says that the 'move' does not always require the 'sign' but i don't think that's the proper etiquette. according to LC, simple signs usually involve the following:

1. wanting to spend time with someone - check
2. shows some interest in partner - check
3. no negative body-blocking gestures (eg: crosses arms) - check
4. shared laughter and good conversation - check

so what's the missing signal? what's the closing 'sign?' i'm completely baffled. next topics: the 'look' and the 'move.' advice appreciated :)

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thanksgiving tradition

i have a small thanksgiving tradition with good pal RO. it's actually the same tradition that we have on new year's day and on many other holidays in the past. we'd meet up at starbucks ward on the holiday and linger at the coffeeshop until they kick us out in the middle of the afternoon (closing early for the day). please don't close down! we have no place to go! in fact, the whole town closes down for the holiday, and we are left aimless with no hang out. it's kinda sad, but it's the holiday coffee tradition. thanks for the call, man~

(darn it! getting sentimental for the holidays again!)

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