'the reckoning'

ok... i think, i got it...

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meet the neko!

recently added to the 'quick picks' blocks: meet the neko! i wonder if she still dreams of me...

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grey sky walk dream

i dreamed that i was walking down this long grey forest road with KT. in fact everything was grey in the dream, like an ansel adams photo. quite dreary. i looked up and saw the clouds moving above so thick and gloomy. the trees look sad and angry. there was a sense of danger everywhere. KT puts her arm around my shoulder and says: becareful of those long tree roots on the path... they can rise up and strike you... just take it slow neko, and you'll be ok. the grey sky gets darker. i feel more worried. WAKE.

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the deep end

yup... i'm going over.

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2006 concerts!

2006 is going to be a rocking year! i will be going to the april 8th U2 vertigo concert in honolulu with LC and the february 1st coldplay twisted logic concert in san jose with AM. my first major concerts ever! both bands kick ass... it should make for an exciting blog. to be updated~

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perfect-partner tag

this is the perfect-partner tag from sweet meigh. here are the rules:

the tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner. need to mention the sex of the target. tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged. if tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

target of perfect partner: female (please...)

my perfect-partner:

1. is fun - warm, playful, not serious
2. has a good heart - caring, giving, selfless
3. is a good match - with me and my quirks
4. is a good cook - i can't cook much :(
5. has a good smile - a heart-warming smile (or a sexy one)
6. is a good lover - see #1, #3 and #8
7. loves coffee - coffee is life
8. loves me - at least half as much as i love her (...ok, maybe 75%)

and for this, i'd like to tag: jumble, clearcandy, msfeline, nina, christine, kay, pei yun, and nat~ so get to it, people! :)

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if you feel it, say it

you are so blah...

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a sunset

sun setting on sunset beach, north shore (dec 26)...
so what's more magical~ a sunset? or a sunrise?

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and no...

i will not watch 'remember the titans' tonight ...and i never will. even if AT tried to deceive me into watching it on TV just now with that call...

AT: hello, neko! are you at home? quick turn to channel 43!
neko: huh? 43? what is this? school ties?
AT: giggles...
neko: hey! this is 'remember the titans!' crap! * changes channel *

the history runs deep: no 'remember the titans' and no 'lilo and stitch.'
i will remember~

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eating-neko: yohei sushi restaurant

i went to yohei sushi restaurant on dillingham with KO and LW for lunch today. the hype was quite big. KO has been raving about this place for a long time now and today was my day. the restuarant was small and cozy with tightly packed tables. it was still crowded at 1pm. we started with alittle nigiri sushi: nicely cut hamachi for them, amae ebi and sake for me (my pieces were good but not great). then came my main dish: the much raved-about misoyaki-butterfish teishoku. my friends... this may possibly be the best tasting fish that i've EVER eaten in my life! it was that good! the miso grilled butterfish was moist and rich full of flavor. i ate it slow to savor the taste. pure heaven. run there now!

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and yes...

i washed my car today... and it started to rain again. why is this so? it always happens: wash car = rain. nature must have a sense of humor.

on a random note: i would like to formally name my car: 'lily.' in recap: that's 'clever lulu' the notebook, 'sassy lana' the treo, and 'dependable lily' the honda. any questions?

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eating-neko: formaggio

i finally went to formaggio wine bar at marketcity last month with LC, after a much anticipated wait. this dark and cozy hangout features great wines, a fancy menu, and live jazz. we ordered two glasses of wine with (great) smoked salmon and (so so) beef bourguignon grand mere (a flaky pastry topped with beef stew). the jazz music was a bit on the slow-side that night, but the company was excellent. check it out sometime~

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pimp'n out in 2006

grumpy co-worker: hi neko, where are you going today?
neko: no special plans... why do you ask?
grumpy co-worker: why are you all dressed up so nice?
neko: oh~ i'm just pimp'n out this year, man...

yup. pimp'n out in 2006. i bought 8 luxe dress-shirts from banana republic this past quarter (hurray to BR outlets!). i was given 3 more as gifts (i think i have the entire fall collection now: these shirts just fit so well). 5 of my dress-shirts have french cuffs, so i got a pair of cuff-links from kenneth cole (first pair ever!)... and while i was out there i picked up a second pair of black loafers too (shiny and formal). all dressed up and no place to go? no, not at all! it's 2006 and we're going places, people!

now, if i only had an iron at home...

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a sad day at ward

it's a sad day at ward. RO's starbucks has closed down. it was the first (and best) starbucks to open in hawaii. my original coffee home. they built two weak, commercial replacements in the area, but nothing will replace you. the location, the parking, the outside tables, the coffee regulars, the vision... i will miss you, starbucks ward. thank you for the memories :'(

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office spirits

i was told (by 3 different co-workers) that strange typing sounds are coming from my desk when i am not there. they would hear the typing noise, stand up to check, but see no one! it seems to only come from my cubicle and it happens at odd hours. oooooo..... chicken-skin. i hope it's just helping me finish my projects...

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and then you called...

and then you called on christmas day, and we went out to the movies that christmas night. we closed down the bar after at 2am, before we said our parting good-nights... it was a good night. thank you for the nice surprise.

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live in love - 2006

a few weeks ago, i came home to find a mysterious black leather strap in my room. AM had found it in the washer during laundry and thought it was mine. it was about 17 inches long with 2 small punctured holes and the words 'live in love' stitched in white on the front of it. we have never seen this thing before, how did it show up at the house? what is it for? who did it belong to? we did not know. but then it came to me. it was a simple message: live in love. it will be my new theme for 2006 (instead of resolutions, i have yearly themes). i think it's a good theme... don't you?

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it's 12:01am

...and the fireworks are roaring! happy 2006, everyone! :)

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