well~ to be fair with rudy. and for your reading entertainment, here's a poem from a looong time ago. to a lost summer fling from the old UH days. hey seem so far away. it's for a local chinese girl name "michelle l." this poem came at the end of the road for us. and like for many, the end is not very pretty. i wanted to give this poem to her with a birthday gund teddy bear... thank god i threw the note away before that! he he! where are you now? (read and enjoy, boys...)


if my life was a book,
i wish i could fill up my pages with memories of you.
but alas, the pages are blank;
as the pen still lingers over the empty sheets.
dreaming sweet dreams.
thinking of you...

(its kinda funny what you remember, isn't it :)

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the oofing story:

there i was. it was saturday night and i was minding my own business on the computer at home watching the olympics. suddenly from the corner of my eye, i see my this girl moving strangely in the apartment across from me. she lives with another girl room mate but earlier in the night i saw a dude in there with her. only one girl there tonight. her apartment is really bright and they open all the curtains just like me. but one of the girls has her bed press right against the window, so its like a reality tv show over at her apartment night.

so there i was with my eyes on this girl moving/shaking up and down on the bed, when i suddnely realize that she was actually riding her boyfriend! they were having sex in front of me! bastards! she was riding him like a rodeo, but they both had their shirts on. they started to move faster and faster. then suddenly she collapse into a hug with the guy. shows over. it must have been only a minute or so, but it sure felt like a long time. i was still stunned. never expected it. i wonder if they saw me. and i wondered if they would stop if they saw me. maybe they were putting on a show.

while i wasn't trying to pull some peeping tom action here, it was hard to avoid the show. i wanted to clap. it was so beautiful. gotta put on a real show for them later sometime... oh well...

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oh yea... did i mention that i had a dance with this exotic nocturnal jungle creature (aye aye?) last saturday. it was good. :)

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saturday night fever, baby! ok... it was a pretty slow night night. but it was a good crowd. and the boys were back in town. like the boys of summer: the heat is on. ok ok. nothing happened. but i am sure that mr. obana has a few good stories... :)

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3 part dream from lat night. here goes:

i am half-awake when i get up in the middle of the night cause my a/c is making some strange noises. i look out the lanai window and realize that the noises are coming from the parking lot. so i run downstairs to the parking and find that all the cars in the lot were stolen. all of them. everyone was walking around stunned...

back at my apartment. a cute girl is in my room playing with her computer. i wanted to add her to my IM and add the program on her laptop, but i couldn't find the program on her computer. i was not even a windows operating system. i searched through the programs and the files a bit but could get set up. we couldn't connect...

back home in thailand now. hanging out in the garage with allan/rudy? he helps me clean out my car. there is a million dirt/leaves/lint stuff inside my car and i have to take everything out to clean it. once we took crap out, it turned into ugly little bugs/critters crawling all around the place. but we kept on cleaning and pulling the seats out. i stop for a break during the cleaning and walk to the fridge. i find one of my dogs there and start to play with it while drinking water... back to cleaning up... WAKE!

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this dream was from a week ago...
it's been a pretty busy week.

dream that i took another business trip with boss bob in new york. we stayed at a really nice hotel that looked like a big castle. we walked over to the subway to catch the train. it was real hi-tech like a scene from the matrix or something. we got on the platform which started moving and we had to move fast and jump on the train before we missed it. walls were sliding back and forth. it was like a maze.

eventually i end up at some girls apartment. bob is no longer here. this girl is talking to me but i am not really paying attention cause i am watching tv. she has these strange evil cats and dogs that are running around terrorizing the place. they kept on bugging me as i was watching tv. the girl turns to me and says: "they are very naughty, aren't they?" naughty kitty... WAKE.

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not much new dreams lately.
been busy working on side projects.

will update.

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picked up my car from the shop the other day. am back in action again- dent free.
this was just the second strike. i know they're gunning for me, but i got one strike left on this baby. she's back to life. it's ALIVE! it's ALIVE! muaa ha ha...

ok, here we go again.

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hey~ another weekend, another coffee talk.
it's a busy day in kaimuki today. good crowd going.
where's my posse at?

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back to feeling kinda low again today. i am glad the spurt of happiness has subsided a bit. got kinda worried there :)

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ham and egg breakfast sandwich from byron's... mmm... good...
best way to start a monday morning work week.

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wild rumpus, baby! ~
it was a slow saturday as usual, but then the wild things went out and started the wild rumpus at feng shui. it wasn't always pretty but it had to be done. and it was done. and for some, it was good. that'll do little pig, that'll do...

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