6/22/04 - i dreamed about AT in san francisco on my trip. i forgot what it was about, but i remember that it was a "friendly" dream. you can't say that i never think about you... WAKE.

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???? - dream about strange rooms in an old apartment building. lived in nice clean bright room but moved to another dark scary room near-by that had alot of creepy bugs crawling around the floors and the bed. were they coming from the closet? something bad is here. friends came by to visit and asked why i had moved to this junk room when i already had a good room. i answered: it had a better view from the small window... WAKE.

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6/19/04 - in middle of public bathroom somewhere after a big bout of shopping. have many bags. drop of bags while wash hands at one spot. came back to get bags but some were gone! who took the bags? went to talk to security guy who says "you should always attend to your bags..." went back and check on stuff but more bags were stolen... frustrated. WAKE.

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5/2/04 - mad scientist dream. Doing scary experiment with test subjects and strange machine. Tying down one muffy tester and making jokes. "it's like working in a guillotine shop and saying - hey take a little off the top will ya!" tell them that this is the scariest film test that i've ever seen. Girls in test experiment get scared and run off. you
shouldn't tell them that someone says. something looms in the dark. WAKE.

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5/1/04 - dream that out at korean bars w/ stacey, alden, and allan. Sexy korean girl gets frisky w/ me. Am french kissing & she ends up on top of me. all the guys decide to leave me and walk to an empty chinese restaurant across the street. I try to get up but the girl is all over me. Eventually get up and follow guys outside. WAKE.

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10/12/03 - moving from one bedroom to another in a big apartment. One room was bright, warm but smaller. The other room was bigger w/ a view but dark and cold. Consult w/ butler. Decide to go back to the bright room. Saw athena walk up stairs from basement and other friends walking around. WAKE.

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9/10/03 - making out w/ cy. She stradles me. she asks if she can go party w/ her friends on sat. I joke and say no. she gets mad and tells me that she will go dinner w/ her secret man instead. she is serious. I try to convince her, but cannot. I feel sad... WAKE.

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8/16/03 - dream about being in a real world like tv show. Started making out w/ hot chick like massage place in thailand. Interupted by kala who starts sucking my toes! Other people come in and interupted that too. Try to play it off. some big dark falling round objects falling from the ceiling. had to run around and avoid them... WAKE.

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8/12/03 - dream about some guy pressing 185 lbs while doing standing shoulder press. Thought it was kaneshiro (who was too small). It was actually kaneshige! Able to confirm name list w/ friends... WAKE.

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and another:

8/8/03 - dream that chisato visit in hawaii, but after 1 day says that she wants to go to kauai to see some secret guy there and leave me alone. We talked for a long time, but could not convince her to change mind. felt sad... WAKE.

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here's an old one from:

8/5/03 - in my house in bangkok. 2 strangers staying there. Hired thugs to kick them out. Court/police investigate crime. feel guilty. But they cannot link me to the beating/eviction... WAKE.

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it's been such a long time since i've posted dreams here... thanks for waiting! the wild ones are coming back :)

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the wild things are back...

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