a waikoloa wedding

congrats to the new mr and mrs SG! it was a beautiful little wedding at the hilton waikoloa village last week on the big island. yup. we lost another bachelor~ cheers to you, man :) more pics: here!

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civic affairs

i spent last week researching the 2006 civic coupe and waiting for a test-drive. the hype is pretty big: the redesigned civic won motortrend's 2006 car of the year. a civic! while i love 'lily,' my 2003 accord ex-v6 coupe, i was kinda curious about this new ride. i drove over to tony honda twice to check out the little car, but they were flying off the lot. the only 2 coupes that i saw there were already sold.

is the new coupe a downgrade from 'lily?' am i too old for a civic coupe (is it still a kiddie-car)? will i still be happy with a civic in 5 years? will i save any money from this? oh well... in the meanwhile it's time for lily's oil-change and wash/wax. we had over two good years together. maybe i should just tint her windows and be content.

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i am in coffeetalk-heaven here today. i love this place~ thank you.

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volcano national park

i drove to volcano national park on the big island last wednesday while on a short trip for SG's wedding. volcano is over 100 miles away from kona airport, but my compact car rental got upgraded to a convertible pt cruiser turbo, so it made for a fun, exciting drive (especially after drinking and sleeping only 3 hours the night before). this was my third trip to the park, but it was my first solo adventure (sniffles). with no model on this trip i had to improvise and take photos of strangers in the park (for a better 'scale' perspective). everything is so big and grand here: the many craters and dark lava fields stretch-out for miles and miles. rushing through the park, i had to skip the sulfur mines, thurston lava tube and numerous hikes and smaller craters. after the two main lookout-stops around the halema'uma'u crater, i proceded down the 19-mile chain of craters road to where the lava is still flowing into the sea. the cooled hardened lava is dark, sharp and rugged. it's like walking on the moon. in the distance i can see the steam flume from the cooling lava: amazing. i have to plan a night trip here someday to see the red lava glow in the darkness~ but til then... it's a looong drive back...

more volcano national park pics: here!

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alcatraz tour dream

i dreamed that i went touring at alcatraz in san francisco with AM and ST. we had to slide into this underground tunnel to enter the cave tour. i was carrying a nice digital SLR camera with me. i was trying to take some good pics for the blog. a big mexican family followed right behind us in the tour , so i tried to chat with them a bit. there were many prisoners and mentally-ill patients still here in the prison. they looked pretty mean and scary. they were here for punishment and rehab. i took a lot of pics here, but i felt kinda worried... these unrestrained prisoners are so close... WAKE.

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3 cheers to SG!

the only pics fit for posting...

3 cheers to SG! we celebrated SG's bachelor party a few weeks ago (with SG, AG, ER, RD, PD, and neko) . as promised, we kept it clean and wholesome... starting at mai tai bar and ending at koi restaurant/bar. i'm sorry that we (ER and i) lost you at koi (due to dress code). they wouldn't let us in! but we did manage to wander off for some mischief in your honor, brother~ cheers to you! congrats! and kung fu forever~

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one-egg year

i colored only one egg this year (at the egg-coloring party last week). it was a blue-green egg for CY. i ate about 5 egg-salad eggs, though! thank you AT for that cool neko-egg~

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quiting update: week 3

quitting you is unfortunately NOT easy to do. i got emailed the day after the official quitting-post. the second week of quitting ended with a few meetings. the third week had a few short emails. not bad for progress, but the urge to contact her is unbearable... luckily its been a busy week. so far so good (gotta avoid the re-lapse). keep your fingers crossed~

to be updated.

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last coffee...

last coffee with AI (airport starbucks)

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coffee prize dream

i dreamed that i went to a coffeeshop with LC. she entered a contest at the coffeeshop and won some prizes for special coffee-outtings anywhere during the month of december. she had to decide on her travel partner, the city and the date. i try to remain optimistic. i hope you chooses coffee with me. she chose san jose for a trip. who will she take? WAKE.

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the neko has blogger's-block. the words just don't come out right... and there's so much to say. so what's the best cure for blogger's-block?

in my postless-ness, i did manage to move some pics to flickr and update those 'quick pick' links. check them out here: dreaming-neko pics @ flickr

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happy birthday, CY

it's april 11th in japan. happy birthday, CY!
have a great year (with your new love)...

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