it was like this...

i was tagged by sweet, busy consuela a gazillion weeks ago (this is the live-love-dream edition of the 'what were you like' tag). sorry, babe~

20 years ago (1986 - age 11):
-i lived in bangkok after 5 years in saudi arabia
-i loved my snoopy and had a crush on jitdee
-i dreamed about growing up

15 years ago (1991 - age 16):
-i lived in concord, massachussetts at a preppy boarding school
-i loved coffee for the first time and had a crush on albertina cisneros
-i dreamed about finding myself in this place

10 years ago (1996 - age 21):
-i lived in honolulu attending the university of hawaii
-i loved KT (after SH) and moved-in with her
-i dreamed about partying and good times

5 years ago (2001 - age 26):
-i lived in waikiki and moved to the crew planning dept at work
-i loved the lost YK, and first met CY in the fall at a starbucks
-i was dreaming of a what could have been

3 years ago (2003 - age 28):
-i lived in an ala moana studio waiting for CY's visit
-i loved CY like crazy (before MT summer)
-i dreamed of dreaming-neko

last year (2005 - age 30):
-i lived in waikele, took 8 trips and turned 3-0! * gasp *
-i loved CY still, and we met up in jan/dec after the tokyo breakup
-i dreamed of a new coffee/travel partner

this year (2006 - age 31):
-i live in waikele still, and took 5 trips (as of june)
-i love heartaches and lost CY completely on valentine's day
-i dream about change

yesterday (june 29, 2006):
-i lived for planning my toronto trip in july
-i loved organic apple-juice
-i dreamed about CY again

last night (june 29, 2006):
-i lived for some home-cooked pasta
-i loved sleeping way past my bedtime
-i dreamed of something but forgot to write it down

today (june 30, 2006):
-i live for the weekend tomorrow
-i love coffee breaks
-i dream about buying something new

tomorrow (july 1, 2006):
-i'll live for a 30,000-mile mantanence for my honda
-i'll love gym and starbucks while waiting
-i'll dream about a more exciting/less serious post

next year (2007 - age 32):
-i'll live to clear my debts
-i'll love waiting for 'the one'
-i'll dream of owning a condo with a cat

5-10 years from now (2011-2016 - age 36-41):
-i'll live as a good, successful, fun neko
-i'll love you daily, love
-i'll dream of growing up

thanks for reading another long one! this tag is also open to anyone who wants it~ good luck.

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my old motto

(darn you, runners...)

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ghost follower dream

i dreamed that a ghostly little girl was following me around this big old apartment building. i couldn't run, i couldn't hide. she can appear anywhere and walk through walls. she won't let me go... WAKE.

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unofficial golden-week: night 2 recap

the spot: ocean club
event: after-work drinks
date/time: yesterday (6/27/06) @ 7-11pm

drink of the night: bud-light
number of drinks: 6
drinking bill: $41

the team: KO, LW, rod, cy, hugh
wing-man: the power crew~ rod and cy

crowd: 30-somethings and 30++
stepup: grumpy girl on the steps (walked away), mika (doing the shakira move!), shino, sandra
networking: gave out two cards
quotable: 'i'll take the grenade for you, man...'

after drinking grinds: zippy's (breakfast plus small saimen)
morning after: mild hangover work day

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i wear my gym shoes... with no socks. * gasp *

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golden-week: night 1 recap

the spot: osake sushi bar and lounge.
event: ML's birthday party
date/time: last saturday (6/24/06) @ 9pm-2am

drink of the night: stoli on the rocks, olives
number of drinks: 5
drinking bill: $58

the team: KO, hugh, paul
wing-man: the spectacular KO

crowd: lots of 21-somethings, some 30+
stepup: busty girl at the bar (smile but no name)
other meetings: ML, MF, DE, christy
networking: gave out 3 cards, received one
quotable: 'that doesn't count as a stepup...'

after drinking grinds: zippy's (breakfast plus small saimen)
morning after: no sleep, major hangover, slug day

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it's ok dream

i dreamed that i was at some exotic beach resort somewhere with CY. we were cuddling in a pool cabana under the starry night skies. as i was holding her, i gave her a small kiss her on back of her neck and she moaned softly. i tried to kiss her again this time on the lips, but she pulled back... and started to cry. i wanted you so much, baby. but it's ok. WAKE.

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golden-week: post-poned

kinda hurting today after last night's adventures (man, i'm getting old). the golden-week will be post-poned until further notice...

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i'm losing my edge


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four times three

i received this four-post tag from three sweet bloggers: tin-tin, janet and tamara. let's get to it~

four jobs i have had in my life:
-japanese restaurant waiter/cook
-photographer/fashion retail/jazz dancer
-tour guide/english tutor/printing press helper
-airline: staff assistant/resolution coordinator/crew planner
(ok, thats more than four)

four movies i could watch over and over:
-conan the barbarian
-young frankstein
-big trouble in little china
(old school stuff)

four places i have lived:
-bangkok, thailand
-dhaharan, saudi arabia
-concord, massachussetts
-honolulu, hawaii
(for now...)

four TV shows i love/loved to watch:
-dirty jobs
(a discovery channel freek)

four places i have been on vacation:
-sydney, australia
-rome, italy
-london, england
-tokyo, japan
(check out my 43places link)

four websites i look at daily:
-my blog links
(who needs the news anyway?)

four of my favorite foods
(is coffee a food?)

four jobs i would really stink at:
-trash collector
-sewer inspector
-durian farmer
-patis maker
(get it?)

four pretend monikers i’ll NEVER live up to:
(sniff, sniff)

four movies i will NEVER watch again, ever:
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
(unless she forces me to)

four places that i would NEVER live in:
-in a treehouse
-on the moon
-under water
-in a cave
(but never say never)

four things i HATE to do on my weekends:
-be hung-over
-have nothing to do
-have no place to go
(i like busy weekends)

four TV shows i used to geek out to:
(see above)

four liquor brands I’ve tried and enjoyed:
-grey goose vodka
-stolichnaya gold vodka
-kettle one vodka
-otokoyama sake
(on the list for golden-week)

four things i CAN live without:
-snooty people
(but mostly roaches too)

four of my favorite cholesterol laden foods:
-anything deep-fried
-haagen-dazs ice-cream
-thin-crust pizza
-nacho-cheese doritos

four places i would rather be in right NOW:
-somewhere making-love
-at a coffeeshop with a good coffee-partner
-on a trip with a good travel-partner
-by your side

boy, that took a while! happy? this tag is open to anyone who wants it. cheers ~

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neko golden-week begins!

it's official! the neko golden-week is beginning tonight! 7 nights of neko adventures. are you ready? to be continued...

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a keane life

in the fall of 2004, my life soundtrack was keane: hopes and fears. i was going through a messy breakup at the time (she stormed-out with all the damn tupperware one night).

-we brokeup with 'we might as well be strangers'
-i missed her with 'somewhere only we know'
-we had a brief chance re-union with 'this is the last time'
-i loathed in self-pity with 'she has no time'
-we got back together with 'sunshine' (plus jimmy eat world's '23')
-and brokeup again with 'bedshapped'

this year, keane is back with some pretty solid songs on their new album: under the iron sea. what will 'a bad dream,' 'nothing in my way,' 'try again,' and 'hamburg song' have in store for me this year? i wonder... * crosses fingers *

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concert dream

i dreamed that i was waiting in line for a jack johnson concert (or was it a phantom of the opera show). i went to the concert alone. as the doors opened, i made my way through the crowds and rushed to my seat up front just right of the stage. darn these cheap seats: i could hardly see the high stage! i was in seat #3. as i sat there waiting for the show to begin, LC walks in to the theater with JF (my nemesis) and sits right next to me. darn, what are the odds!? just when i'm quitting you, woman... great. WAKE.

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nsx test-ride

the rollercoaster (pic courtesy of MO)

i went on a short test-ride in a co-worker's 1994 acura nsx today. it would have been a test-drive, but my stick-driving is way too rusty for this monster. the nsx is basically a japanese ferrari (with better handling): a 270 hp, 3.0L V6, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, all-aluminum body supercar. my heart jumped with every gear, my head glued to the seat. it gobbled up turns at 60 mph and captured countless stares on the road... you gotta definitely wear a racing-helmet to freakout the other drivers next time, man! thanks :P

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i'm peter pan, dang-it!

this post was inspired by tricia's 'growing up' post on june 14. growing up is tough when you're young and 19, but at 31 (that's me) how do you know when you're 'grown up?' it's such a simple, but deep question: how do you know when you're grown up? i feel like i've regressed in the last few years... still quite a ways from where i want to be. maybe i never changed much from those college days? i don't feel 'grown up.' i sat there with SG at starbucks last weekend pondering this, then went out to ask a few close friends. the answers are kinda fun and insightful~

how do you know when you're grown up?

- you do what you're responsible for (still working on this)
- you know when to cut yourself off (alcohol, yes. woman, no)

- you never know (hmmm.....)
- oceans is not a club (ha ha, check)
- the ability to think of other people (check, but looking for a new love)
- you have self-control (mostly, yes)
- some men never grow up (is this an option?)

what do you think?

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spilled gumball dream

i dreamed that i was walking in a big hotel lobby/mall with CY. we were attending a wedding (DT's?). we walked and wandered through many rooms and hallways. we passed by one room where thousands of small round gumballs of a thousand colors lay scattered all over the floor. one of the naughty kids had broken the gumball-machine in there. we avoided that room and walked on. WAKE.

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buca party for EN

yup, we drank all the wine...

we had a second going-away party for sweet EN two weeks ago at buca di beppo and d&b (you get two parties when your popular). she is moving to phoenix to start a new career. it was a fun night with lots of food/liquor and hug-monkey attacks. we'll miss your energy, EN. take care and keep in touch~

more dinner pics here at: bucca party!

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belated quickies

-this post is dedicated to tin-tin. i promised you a post last week and didn't come through. sorry, love :(

-hey, i finally made it to coffeetalk this month! and my people are here... i love this place.

-thank you! thank you! thank you for all your well wishes! thank the office for cpk lunch. thank the boys for boston's pizza bday. thank AT for the sweet balloon and jeero! thank ML for that bar35 drink and legends dim sum (tripe! yum!)! thank KO for fukuya's, thank AM and ST for the gifts. thank CY for the surprise gift package. thank MT for the surprise card! thank you parents for that great chart house dinner! (the orchestra is playing... did i miss anyone?)

-june has been an odd month. it started with alot of eating/drinking, followed by a dizzy/floating new-eyeglasses week. the third week was sleepless, lost, and down. i had 2 retail exchanges this month already (that's not a good sign).

-but hell~ after a good coffee with SG yesterday, i was reminded that: i can still 'choose' to be happy... so i choose to be happy (dammit!) :P

-new eats this month included a trip to malaysian food: green door cafe and rred elephant cafe with hawaii bloggers consuela and ritsuko. i'm going back for another visit. what's next on the menu? :)

-i'm hoping for a business trip to toronto and waterloo in late july. my first trip to canada! i'm hoping to stay a little longer for sightseeing~ coffee in toronto anyone?

-i just realized that i haven't really been 'writing' much in my posts... a few incoherent sentences here and some remarks there, but lots of short weird posts overall. i promise more hearty material in july~

- new quitting: excess television. oh, how you trap me~ i can't turn you off (until 1am). you show me nothing but re-runs and leave me lifeless. they say that: 'you are what you do in your spare time...' so, i will overcome you.

-ok, i was secretly trying to change my template over the past few days, but you caught me. i didn't find anything i liked. i really wanted a blogger modified light-colored 'squibble' theme from wordpress, but alas the conversion was futile. i'm attached to this page. for now~

-i've given up on the ward hangouts: closing down that original starbucks was the last straw. the crowds have changed, the parking's horrible, its all commercial, and i've changed. my new love (aside from waialae) is downtown. bar35, indigo, thirtynine hotel, mercury bar, and all those unique little eateries! it's gritty, its' artsy, it's edgy, it's me.

-there are lots of new material in store. will update and read you soon. cheers!

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31 + 7 days

so far... so good.
how are you doing?

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