i aspire to be a regular!

i aspire to be a "regular," where ever i may go. cause it's great being known at your favorite spots. it's a consumer society, so you might as well be VIP. but maybe i'm just too predictable? i don't know. here's a list of my favorite spots as a "regular:"
here's a list of places that i aspire to be an acknowledged "regular:"
where are you a "regular" at?
where's your favorite spots? :)

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plate-lunch challenge update

so after a full week, heres the final score:
(it was a close one, folks)

plate-lunches (5) , gym (3)

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business cards for non-business business

i got business cards, baby, and i'm not afraid to use 'em!

one card says: crew planner (airline), the other says: director (credit union board). unfortunately about 80% of my cards are used for non-business business. so today i was killing time in armani exchange (a/x) when i met an old aquaintence. it was an intern from 6 years ago that use to always drop by my desk and flirt. she was kinda young back then, so i thought nothing of it. but man, has she blossomed! she gave me a big hug and we chat about the past and her classes. she is haven't doubts about nursing and she likes her fun job at a/x. i pass her a card and tell her to email me sometime for work posting updates or just coffee. she takes the card and slips it into her back jean pocket. another big smile and i'm out the door: all grins.

the last time i passed out a card for non-business business (official count for february = 2 cards), i ended up in maui for valentine's day. i wonder what adventures this card holds...

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train fight dream

am on vacation somewhere in japan(or europe?) with CY. we cross the street after a full day and hop on the train home. on the train, we play-fight and have a small argument in fluent japanese (which is odd, cause my japanese is pretty poor). an older, tall, thin, strange, causation man was standing on the train watching us fight. he thinks i was harassing the girl and decides to step in and play hero. he walks over to me real menacingly and says: "hey buddy, what's your problem?" i look up at him and say: "hey man, it's not like that..." but the guy steps in and forcibily pushes me to the side of the train with both hands. at this point, i run out of patience and decide to kick his ass. i punch him in the gut and kick him in the head as he's bent over on the ground. my heart races and my adrenaline soars. why can't he mind his own business? WAKE.

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fortune cookie fortune

i got a fortune cookie fortune. it simply reads: "seek new friends and you will find them." i keep it in my planner, just for luck...

what fortunes have you gotten?

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sweet tooth

i've got a sweet tooth today. am working my way through this second pack of starbursts... i need more candy :)

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friday lunches: gulick delicatessan

it's been such a slow week this week, that plate-lunches seem to be the highlight of my accomplishments. for today's work-lunch adventure, we went to gulick delicatessan. a hole-in-the-wall place in kalihi that serves up okayuza style plates (local japanese dishes). that brings the grand total to 5 plate-lunches for the week (6 if you count the chinese on tuesday- but that didn't have mac salad).

updated score-
plate-lunches: (5) , gym: (1)

(go team!)

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plate lunch heaven

ok, it's thursday and we've been to richie's drive-in for 4 work-lunches already since sunday! 4 combination plate lunches with gravy all over... inside me stomach. heaven. the photo posted is just a boneless chicken cutlet with gravy. the combo plate is much, much bigger with chicken cutlet, teriyaki beef and mahi mahi (fish). all for $5.05~ it's just too good to be true. but all good things come at a cost. and 4 heavy plate lunches in dreaming-neko this week versus one gym-day is not good. here's the score so far: plate lunches (4), gym (1).

for clarification: a plate lunch is a local hawaiian dish of mix culture and history. it consists of 2 scoops of rice (normally white, medium grain), macaroni salad (aka mac salad), and any kind of meat (lots of it). gravy is optional. shoyu is optional. sleeping is mandatory after a plate lunch. bon appetite!

as a side note: the pic is from 'ono kine grindz which features 'onolicious eats from hawai'i and around the world. check them out~

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HIFF girl deja vu part 2

mayu! her name was mayu...
now i can sleep tonight.

sleep tight now :)

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i admit it

ok, i admit it. it's 11:45pm and i'm watching the met-rx world's strongest man contest on espn.

it brings back sweet memories. january 1st, 2004: i was a sick dog at home with the flu. sweet CY was taking care of me at the apartment but got sick too. so there we were, stuck at home eating campbell's soup watching the world strongest man contest marathon all day on tv wrapped in sweaters and blankets. a memorable new year's day. remember the farmers-walk, love? i miss you.

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my credo:

laugh... love... live...

i first got this credo from rebel DS at work about 4 years ago. it was always flashing on her screensaver. her motto was: "live, laugh, love." i had to change it a bit for the neko life, cause i think it was more important to laugh before you love and live. or maybe it should be "live, love, laugh?" oh well, you get the idea.

you can't take life too seriously (so don't take it personal). love makes life worth living (plus it makes a great gift!). time is life, and every day is an adventure. so have fun~

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HIFF girl deja vu

ok, so it's thursday night and i'm back in coffeetalk hanging with RO. in steps this girl that looks exactly like the HIFF volunteer from last fall's hawaii international film festival. deja vu. i had a big crush on her. we had a few chats while i picked up many many tickets. i think i picked up many many tickets to have a few chats. she remembered me cause i had written down the wrong lastname for a girl friend's application (wrote down my ex's last name on the app). she says that she was a film student from the east coast, and was here for an internship. i tried and tried, but i couldn't get myself to ask her out for dinner. she was really warm and friendly. a beautiful girl. i promised myself that if i catch her at my last film (it was "riding giants" a surfing documentary), i would ask her out. so at the last screening, i was all nerves. we got to the theater and i saw her at the counter. she gave me a big wave, but my mind went blank. i managed a smile and walked inside the theater. my friends tried to encourage me to go back out before the film. i walked out and turned around. i couldn't do it. too many butterflies in my stomach. i told myself: if she was out there at the end of the film, i'll ask her. but the film ended, and she was gone :(

what was her name, i can't seem to remember~ there she goes: walking out the door (as i'm typing this line). damn!

ok. maybe i can't do everything. but i promise to try harder next time...

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one autograph

i have only one famous autograph. it's of buzz aldrin. buzz who? buzz aldrin, people! he was the second man on the moon! i met him while working on the atlantis submarines shuttle boat off of waikiki. i was the photo-guy back then. he was in hawaii promoting his documentary: from the earth to the moon. the autograph was written on the boat's brown motion-sickness bag (aka aloha-bag). it reads: "to choak, best wishes, buzz aldrin". i keep it in my planner. he went to the moon, i can do anything... :)

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pondering (in traffic)

why do the cars always slow down after i switch lanes in traffic?

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heartbreaker or heartbroken?
(a meta-analysis)

not all relationships will last forever, though sometimes we wish they would. sometimes we try. sometimes we cry. and sometimes we just royally screw up. in regards to past endings, i always find it interesting to ask: are you a heartbreaker? or heartbroken? i think the answer can tell you alot about a person. do they "hold-on or move-on?" are they "monkeys or trees?" "pursuers or pursue-ees?" so here's the summary in a nutshell (at breakup):

  • monkey-pursuers = heartbroken or heartbreakers (depends on who they pursue)
  • monkey-pursue-ees = heartbreakers
  • monkey-pursue-ees who act as pursuers = heartbreakers (dangerous ones)
  • tree-pursuers = heartbroken (sorry folks)
  • tree-pursue-ees = heartbroken or heartbreakers (depends on tree patience)
  • tree-pursee-ees who act as pursuers = heartbreakers

  • for technical definition details, check out: monkey/trees and pursuer/pursue-ees. so do what you do, and love happy! :)

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    from unscathed: i discovered this strange, random, silly but addicting site: themanwhofellasleep.com. be sure to check out the invisibila collection, the angry potato, and the giant koala~ have fun!

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    dog sitting part 1

    my friend is heading out to vegas for a week, and i was asked to dog/house sit sometime this weekend. he gave me a schedule for the the dog (li'i) today. wow, the dog has a schedule! this should be fun~

    Li’i’s Schedule

    Morning when you get up or when she wakes you:
    1. Open back door of the house. (laundry room)
    2. Leave back door open and use brick to hold door open.
    3. Place wood board at bottom of open door. (this is so critters don’t come crawling in)
    4. Lock inner door with door latch.
    5. Make sure Radio and Kitchen light are on.

    Take morning newspaper from outside front door to work. (you can read it at work)
    Check mail daily, brown mailbox.

    Night about 9:00 – 9:30pm:
    1. Close up back door.
    2. Make sure latch is on closed.

    Exceptions: Li’i, may wake you up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Getting a little older, so bladder not as strong.


    Make sure:
    1. water bowl is filled.
    2. radio and kitchen light are on day or night when no one is home.
    3. give Li’i a biscuit or two before leaving.
    4. Li’i is fed at 7pm.

    Li’i likes to play with her tennis ball outside. Throw and fetch, but she gets tired fast. She also likes to run around inside the house on occasion.

    Dreaming-Neko's Schedule

    1. work
    2. eat/sleep
    3. coffee
    4. dream
    5. blog

    to be continued...

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    and smile.

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    similar minds?

    are we of similar minds?

    i hope not. that would be kinda scary~
    but sweet velvet forward me this interesting compatibilty test from similarminds.com. we were only 60% compatible and complimentary though :(

    how similar are you with dreaming-neko?
    find out here!

    for more interesting tests, check out similarminds.com.

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    i dreamed of CY

    i dreamed about CY last night. it was a short dream. i do not recall much, but i do remember this: we were sitting together in a small dark room and i leaned over and whispered in her ear: "i just wanted you to know that i still love..." but she started to laugh before i could finish. and so i woke up. WAKE.

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    clearcandy makes me speechless

    clearcandy makes me speechless~
    she's just too beautiful.
    the only thing better than reading you, is seeing you.

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    pursers and pursue-ees
    (a relational theory)

    in the dating life, there are "pursuers" and there are "pursue-ees". a dynamic dual. each one has a specific role and you need to know where you stand. pursuers are those who call (and pursue), and pursue-ees are those that can wait for calls (the pursued). that's just the way life is. nobody says that it's fair or easy. to complicate things, pursue-ees may also take on the pursuer calling roles! these are the dangerous ones (they got game). unfortunately, pursuers will always remain pursuers. just like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square (pursuers are rectangles). happiness comes to those that acknowledge and accepts these rules. frustration comes to those that try to force it. here's the breakdown:

  • pursuers calling = right role, right action
  • pursuers not calling = wrong action, frustration
  • pursue-ees waiting = right role, right action
  • pursue-ees not waiting (ie. calling) = dual role, a true player

  • lesson complete. so which are you? :)

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    unbearable lightness of being

    after a few martinis, the world becomes light and slow. time moves at a different pace and my body is lightly floating here in this little space (or is this all in my head?). it's 1:17 am. i'm back in my favorite spot here on the floor, leaning against the black leather couch blogging. the mosquitoes (mozzies) seem to be sleeping today. they decided to give me a break. i have a full work day tomorrow building pilot schedules. i need to get to sleep. drifting between sleepiness and intoxication is an unbearable lightness of being (kundera would be proud). what a great feeling! can you feel me?

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    midnight posts in waikele 2

    it's 12:00 am. i'm online in the condo sitting on the floor leaning against the black leather couch. for some reason tonight, there's like a million little mosquito bugs here eating me for dinner. they attack me, then attack the tv, and hit the ceiling lights. strangely, after a few bites, the bugs drop to the top of the coffee table and die. is this a sign? what is the house trying to tell me? it's like a scene from a horror flick or something: dead bugs all over the coffee table (well, at least 20-30 of them anyways). i'm just trying to sit here and blog peacefully, darn it! maybe they are trying to get me to go sleep too? the saga continues...

    new to dreaming-neko?
    please mark yourself on the guest map when you get a chance~
    thanks a bunch!

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    he's waiting for you: all@sea

    single asian male 34 in search of SWF 21 - 36.
    likes hiking, surfing, coffee, movies, music, and total honesty.
    a great coffee partner and a good friend with a cool blog.
    moving to the dallas area really really soon.
    please check him out at: 8o8gnsurfing.blogspot.com

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    the price of paradise

    here's an interesting clip from the honolulu advertiser dated feb 06, 2005

    hawai'i about as expensive as new york
    - without the higher paychecks

    it's no secret that hawaii residents pay a premium for living here. but the disparity of expenses to income might come as a surpise. steve case, the kama'aina who founded aol, described hawaii as having "manhattan prices and midwestern paychecks....." (click here to continue)

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    asian cult film fanatic

    i admit it: i am an asian cult film fanatic. there's just something raw and alive in foriegn films (that is sometimes missing in hollywood movies). to stay ahead of the hawaii international film festival (hiff) crowd, i checkout: kfccinema.com. it's a great site for reviews and new flicks abroad. from directors takashi miike to yimou zhang. check it out sometime :)

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    friday lunches: the pizza hut challenge

    we went out for an aloha friday work lunch at pizza hut today. all you can eat pizza lunch buffet. let the challenge begin. KM and EA are 2 pretty big boys, so i had to workextra hard today. luckly i only had a cereal bar for breakfast. 4 plates down and EA is still going strong! the soda doesn't seem to slow him down. i struggle to keep up. KM is done after 12 slices. i end the day in second place with about 16 slices (boy, am i stuffed). the victor gets a sore stomach and bragging rights. til the next challenge brother, til the next challenge...

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    kaonashi wa arimasen desu dream

    i am online so much these days that i sometimes dream about myself online blogging at night. strangely last night, i dreamed about other people online blogging. i must get my head checked... in my dream, "kaonashi ga suki" was changing her template and i was watching her in eager anticipation. the end result was much different than the original and i was a little surprised. where is the kaonashi? (i kept thinking to myself) i think i need to unplug again soon. WAKE.

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    the monkey and the tree
    (an interpersonal theory)

    in good relationships, there should always be a good monkey and a good tree. monkeys are fun people (entertainers). trees are stable people (care-givers). why a monkey and tree? because:

    monkey and monkey = no stability
    tree and tree = no fun
    monkey and tree = balance

    knowing which role you play in the relationship is important. accepting your role in the relationship is also important. both partners need to be good at their roles. so trees take care of monkeys and monkeys take care of trees. happy together. got that?

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    valentine's in maui

    it began like this:

    boy meets girl (thanks to RO)
    boy coffees with girl
    girl says: i want to go to maui
    boy says: when do you want to go?
    girl says: tomorrow (giggles)
    boy says: working tomorrow... how about later?
    girls says: let's go valentines day!

    so here we are in maui on valentines day at haleakala national park. it's a scenic 38-mile drive up to the 10,023ft volcano summit. the sun was bright and the air was crisp and chilly. it was a vigorous drive. we touched the clouds at around 6000ft then went higher. it was so surreal: looking down at those pillowy clouds. we were up there with angels touching the sky. a sea of soft white cotton puffs as far as the eye can see. everyone was lost in tranquility and contemplation. i could've stayed there forever, but she told me that she was freezing in the 40 degree weather and scuttled back into the car. so we started the drive down :)

    if i could, i would give you all a carpet of white clouds and all the heavens above today. happy valentines day everyone.

    (for more pics check out: haleakala valentine's)

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    chocolates for candy

    well, i guess the whole "chocolates and coffee" thing is coming to a slow start and we'll probably not make it in time for valentine's day. darn. i guess i'll just have to go eat krispy kremes with some other sexy stranger in maui instead :(

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    thought of the day:

    "good people are boring...
    naughty people are much more interesting!"

    (don't you think?)

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    the amazing cat collection

    ol' blue eyes

    i admit it: i love kitties. i can't get enough of them. and this cute site is worth the extra praise :) from unscathed to ngakaari, check out the amazingcatcollection.com with many fun neko pics. enjoy!

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    kung hee fat choy!

    start the year with a bang! :)

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    fat tuesday at ocean club

    it was a wild and sinful night. but we did manage to catch a photo of the infamous mardi gras panty-raider in his element at oceans. the wild things were out and about, making for another crazy night. i'm glad this is only once a year... got (red) beads?

    the infamous panty-raider

    and friends

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    the "list" updated

    ok. its been been 9 months now since we signed our names to the "list" back in april 23, 2004. being the only single person left in this group, i must take it upon myself to initiate another outting (cause i seem to have too much free time on my hands (which i spend mostly blogging these days)). so once again, please find the official list below:
    1. around the island (aka take allan to north shore) check one: completed!
    2. 24-hr fitness at pearl kai (let's change this to mililani)
    3. makapuu lighthouse (i checked it out with rudy already)
    4. interisland (i got a free room at the mauana lani)
    5. mainland (seattle, las vegas, los angeles)
    6. sydney (gotta go there while we still use the four seasons for crews)
    7. waikiki beach stroll (so close, yet so far away)
    8. movie (aka get allan out to the movies)
    9. national park (we can hit volcano national park with the mauna lani)

    it's 2005. let's check another one off the list, people!

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    super bowl bbq thoughts

    throw 5 guys in one room. add bbq meats. add chips. add beer. add tv. add superbowl on tv. add side wagers and trash talking. then you got yourself a fun super bowl XXXIX party! yay pats!

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    new tag board!

    aloha! i just wanted to advertise the new "tag-board" on the left side-bar area. if you're reading this or ever get bored, please drop me a line sometime! i'd love to hear from you.

    and don't forget the "dreaming-neko guest map!" (hint, hint ;)
    happy blogging~

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    darkness demon dream

    i dreamed that i was staying at some old log cabin in the woods with 3 friends. the cabin was dark and dreary. as night fell, we found ourselves lounging-out in the cabin's old living room. i was sitting in one corner having a drink and one of the girls was sitting near the bar counter. as i turned to talk to her, a dark dense cloud of darkness covered the bar. my friend was lost in the darkness. she struggles with the darkness and one arm becomes visible. we run over to help her, but could not grab in time. the cloud disappears but she is gone. it took her! what's happened? before we were able to do anything, we hear another muffled scream from one of the bedrooms and rush over. once again we see the dark cloud dragging our friend away. it moves to the back wall and passes through it. we rush outside to catch them, but find nothing. as we walk back into the inside, all the lights in the cabin suddenly turn on and all the doors become locked. we could not get back inside. i kneeled down and peeped through a small opening in the door to find an evil face starring back at me. it was the face of the demon inside (kinda like the creature from the movie jeepers creepers). it saw me, and i was frozen. what do we do now? WAKE.

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    dreaming-neko - cheshire cat template

    well, it's 4:00am now.
    and this is the first post for the new dreaming-neko - cheshire cat template. it was modified from the white dots template with a few dreaming-neko touches. man, am i wired... so what do you think?

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    another tribute to the sponge monkeys

    these guys are too funny to pass up! click on the picture below for the rathergood.com moon song with the sponge monkeys. if that's not enough, check out the viking kittens that rock (highly recommended by ngakaari). this is some crazy stuff here people. be warned~

    click on the pic to experience the sponge monkeys live!

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    future template: the cheshire cat

    i am trying to update my template with this cheshire cat pic somehow. i think it would match the dreaming-neko (cat) theme a bit more... but i need a little more html for a new original clean dreaming-neko blog look. i will miss the wild thing monsters here though. decisions, decisions.

    a dreamy cat with a winner smile :)

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    the sponge monkeys were right

    we went to quiznos today for lunch after the gym (back-day). it was a first for me. i must say that these subs are definitely toasty and tasty, though a bit on the pricey side. the regular 8" toasted sub combos were quite filling at a nice $11. the black angus steak sub just melts in your mouth (not in your hand!). yum... i guess those sponge monkeys were right. we'll have to come back again.

    we love the subs!~

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    midnight post in waikele

    it's 12:00 am. i'm online in the condo sitting on the floor leaning against the black leather couch. a tiny baby gekko crawls up the coffee table onto the top of my laptop screen. he sits there on the top right corner smiling at me. a cute scene. he tells me that it's getting late and i should get some sleep. but i just ignore him. i reach for my camera, but he jumps off the laptop and runs across the carpet. he only stops for a moment to look back at me from a safe distance before climbing up the wall...

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    the masterpiece: "lots of rain"

    please visit the dreaming-neko masterpiece: "lots of rain" at a fine museum near you. notice that it's next to the picasso and the matisse. one of many in the series. i found this fun painting tool from anonymous thinker's blog a few days ago. it took me forever to paint this thing! check out the artpad from art.com and create your masterpiece today~

    "lots of rain" by dreaming-neko

    are the wilting flower's growing again? after all this rain. i wonder...

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    oxtail soup is good for the soul

    we just came back from a kam bowl work lunch. oxtail soup is definitely better for the soul than boring chicken soup. rice, ginger, shoyu, parsley, oxtail, and other spices in a rich broth. winding down to a nice aloha friday here in the islands. have a great weekend folks!

    oxtail soup is good for the soul (but not as sexy as clementine)

    oh hey~ don't forget to pin yourself on the * dreaming-neko guest map * under the "are you in?" column in the sidebar on the right! thanks~ (hint, hint)

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    missing twin in amsterdam

    have you ever met a stranger that was born on the same date as you? not just the same day now. but same month/day/year. i've only met one in my 29 years. and she was living in the netherlands. being 2 gemini's we had so much in common and yet so many differences. it was almost like fate that we ever met at all. but that was a long while ago. i wonder if she still remembers me...?

    CM if your reading, i just wanted to say "hi."
    please send my regards to the bear...

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    this is my wallpaper

    it's called "and" from explodingdog.com. it's got great drawings from the artist (sam) who draws pictures from emailed titles. he has an interesting sense of humor and a cool twisted style. check it out sometime!

    from explodingdog.com:
    "hi my name is sam,
    i draw pictures, from your titles. send me a title, or any thing else you want to talk to me about to: mailto:sambrown@explodingdog.com

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    i dream of candy

    i dreamed that candy was coming to honolulu for work (scientist stuff) and we were suppose to set up a meeting for chocolates. i remember trying to frantically text/email her on my cellphone, but i had a hard time getting through. is she receiving my messages? she is really busy with work matters and is lost in her world. i keep on checking my alarm clock. i need to get to work soon too. it doesn't look too good, folks. WAKE.

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    character vs. success

    i came across a quote a while ago on the back of a franklin covey card (i love that store) while lingering at ward center. it really made me think twice. it was a simple quote from ralph waldo emerson:

    "character is that which can do without success"

    that's quite an interesting way of putting it. but isn't success normally based on character? is it really ok to fail with character? is this another: "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game," kinda thing? any thoughts?

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    somedays i feel like this:

    found this graphic at: 'there are days I look into the mirror and laugh' . great pic!

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    girls, friends, and work

    i dreamed that i was out walking down the street one day when i bumped into 3 japanese beauties who asked me about the clubs in the area. the ladies were all glamm-ed up and ready to show and i was awestruck in their presence. they were just my type. i took the 3 to a coffee shop where we had a great chat about clubs, parties, drinks, etc and i end up taking them home for a small house party. my friends and roommates were there for the fun, but just as things got interesting i got a call to head out for work. damn! bad timing. i head out to work and come back home much later that night. all was quiet at the house so i went to sleep. i wake up early in the morning and got ready for a shower. i walked out of my room with nothing but a towel on and tip-toed to the bathroom. passing a roommate's room i peaked inside and found that he had scored with one of the ladies that i had brought in!. i remember really liking her too. what the nerve! no respect at all. the girl looks up at me with her sleepy eyes, but i zipped into the bathroom in disgust. great, that's just great... WAKE.

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    * dreaming-neko guest map *

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