if your work-week started on a saturday, would monday still be a bad day? :)

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dreaming-neko was here

man~ the world is so big. that's kinda obvious, of course. but have you ever really pondered it? living small busy lives, it's hard to grasp the bigger picture sometimes. there's just so much to see and do. i guess that's what makes life so great. in any case, here's my map of places visited. it's still pretty empty. but my wish list is growing: australia, canada, spain, mexico, france, BELGIUM, china, egypt, singapore, new zealand, czech republic, bali, ireland, seattle, alaska, colorado, a long cruise somewhere, maybe peru...

how about you?

create your own visited countries map
create your own visited states map

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gordon biersch night out

i was planning on a slow fun work-weekend here at the office, but i got a last minute call from LC. there's just some people that you can't say no to (my list is getting longer and longer), and she was one of them. so i got some of the boys together and met with her and CH down at aloha tower. the girls looked great and all glam-ed up ready to break some hearts. it was a slow night at gordon biersch even with the live band, but our conversations were definitely very juicy.

so what did we learn that saturday night? well, we learned that LC likes it atleast twice a week. we learned that KO has an issue with wanting to be seen as "perfect" in his lover's eyes. we learned that CH just got hired for a new job with the state after a nice 8 month vacation off and that she always looks for sexy eyes as a first matching point. we learned that no matter how nice or rich they are, it sucks to be any ugly guy (you gotta be at least "average" looking). and lastly, we learned that RO is REALLY REALLY passionate about truth and honesty in relationships. so don't mess with it or even joke about it cause he'll be REALLY REALLY upset... :)

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hey, i'm back on the blogroll!
does this mean that we still get to coffee (and eat chocolates) together? :)

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here with you zombie dream

i dreamed that i was stuck in this high rise apartment somewhere with CY because zombies were out and about everywhere outside. we tried to sneak out of the building, but it was to no avail. the zombies were everywhere trapping us inside. i looked out of the dark rainy windows of the room only to see a sea of undead walking around aimless. at least we have each other here. but why do i feel nervous and anxious now. what do we do, love? WAKE.

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rats. no more unplugging

ok. i was going to unwind this weekend at a nice sunny beach here, but inflight strikes again. darn those flight attendants! i'll be back in the office all this weekend doing f/a balance discrepancies for the minimum vacation bidding due monday. you're not looking at a very happy blogger right now.


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i've been online all my waking hours this past week, and i am totally exhausted...

i have 2 computers at work (work comp and my personal laptop) online 11 hours a day, i'm online at coffee shops (2-3 hours) and i'm logged in via cell-phone modem at home from the time i get back to the time that i sleep at (2am plus). i'm behind in my work, i can't focus with little sleep, i'm missing my gym days, i don't eat, and my old cold is creeping it's way back into this tired body and weary soul.

so this weekend, i resolve to unplug for some renewal.
unwind on a beautiful hawaiian beach and listen to the waves crash into the sand shores. please join me out there. i'll be the one reading the murakami book in the navy swim trunks.
have a great aloha weekend! :)

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i fell in love: part 3 (what happens next)

i seem to have been un-blogrolled the other day. i just found out why. it's kinda sad, but i sense a shift in heart. it was inevitable. loving a blog is not so easy. for those of you out of the loop, here's a quick recap:

he comments her.
she comments him.
he is smitten.
she is blushing.
he blogs her.
she blogs him.
people blog them.
he is encouraged.
but she is wary.
he is sleepless.
the other comes back.
she is sleepless.

so what happens next? everyone is asking. i think that it really depends... do we choose to live in dreams? or live life? both choices are good and bad. there is no right or wrong. but i think that this is what happens next:

(live dream)
he emails her.
she emails him.
he chats with her.
she chats with him.
she is confused.
she asks him: "what do you want from me?"
he tells her: "i want to coffee with you"
she says "yes" (hesitantly and only with chocolates)
he flies to europe.
they have coffee (and chocolates) together .
he hugs her thank you and goodbye.
he flies back.
she stays in belgium.
they keep in touch.
happy ending.

(live life)
she stops blogging him.
he secretly reads her.
she sees the other.
she misses him.
she is happy.
they get back together.
they have coffee (and chocolates) together.
he hugs her thank you and goodbye.
he flies back
she stays in belgium.
they keep in touch.
happy ending.

there. that's not so bad. it's funny how things turn out, don't you think? comments appreciated... :)

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coffeetalk days: bye bye coffee girl

thursday night here, is coffeetalk coffee night for us. it's just tradition. even though i moved out of town 30 miles away. i'm there. there's something about the service, the ambience and the free wi-fi that brings us back here over and over again. we're just creatures of habit, i guess. but tonight is a different night. cause tonight we have to say goodbye to coffee girl "Katey" (on the right in the photo below). after 2 years of many coffees and chamomile teas, she's giving up on coffeetalk to focus on college. it's her time to go. and we'll miss her dearly. good luck and god speed in all the adventures that life presents you. :)

KN and Katey (sorry, this photo doesn't do them any justice)

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the mystery book

i dreamed that i was in a store somewhere with friends, trying to select a good book. there were many to chose from. i found one that i wanted/liked and pulled it out of the shelf. i think it was a mystery book. it looked pretty good, but strangely every time i look at the cover the picture/title changes? is this the right book? i cannot decide. WAKE.

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quizilla: what sign of affection are you?

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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jazz night successful

still hanging a bit from last night's jazz outting at indigo's green room. got up at a fun 5am today. we had a short night there from 8:15 to 10:15pm bumping into a few friends who came out earlier for the wine tasting. the fusion-jazz music was good and the vibe was just right. we even managed to piss off mr. FILO: the first-in, last-out guy from a previous party. nice going RO~ gotta keep it down to 2 grey goose martinis next time though. we'll be back...

pictures at: all @ sea. (nice pics, man!)

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once smitten twice shy

after a week of smitten correspondence, we've been discovered by two deep blogs! it's great having fans. thank you for your kind words and encouragement. romance is in the air? (or in the mind?) what happens next? i wonder too... :)

quoted from: A Life Worth Living
"So, today, I drop by Michele's to catch the site of the day and find a post from a young lady about a young man who has found her blog and fallen in love. What he writes on his site about her is ALSO romantic. Lots of blushing from the young lady is involved, a bit of prose from the young man. Of course, I'll have to keep checking on them until this evolves into something or ends."

quoted from:
Deep Thought
"I saw a wonderful thing today. A guy declared that he had become smitten with a girl through reading her blog... I think this is definitely one to watch people!"

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late night posts: "20 things about co0601"

i thought that i was immune to the effects of starbucks coffee. but i was wrong. i even remember telling my co-worker about it yesterday at lunch when she asked. "no i sleep fine with 3 cups in me," i said. but life is full of surprises. and so it's 2am now and i'm WIRED! i have so much work due tomorrow morning too (i’ll set my clock for 4:30am tonight). i even planned a night out at indigo's for live jazz with friends. hell, i can't get this post out of my head, so i've got to blog it down.

after many smiles and *blushes*, i realize that you probably know nothing about me (and that's probably a good thing too...) mystery is so charming sometimes. while this is risky and against my better judgment, here's some random facts about me: "20 things about co0601" let's do this!

scary ya? well, that's about it for now. any questions from the crowd? i need to get up in 2 hours for work. wish me luck!

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writer's block & the wicked smiling-bug

i've been sitting here all day thinking about what to write. i regret that the smiling-bug has infected me with vast smiles and a blank head. he laughs at my struggle as he steals my thoughts for his enjoyment. so i spent the time reading most of your blog today from last october. even lovers are allowed to have 'writer's block' once in a while i guess~ but some words just have to be 'just right'. and i can't seem to find them for you today.

maybe i'll find some tomorrow. what do you think?

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attack of the hug-monkey!

attack of the hug-monkey! drinkers beware! preys on unassuming ocean club goers while they party at night. i wonder what happened to these two poor souls after this hug-attack photo...

in any case, we had a great mellow time at oceans this past tuesday night. the posse was out in force. it's been a while since we all got together and heaven knows that this is a busy time for everyone. we shared some laughs, we shared some tears. a time for planning, reflection and a good story. it was great that we could all come together and count our blessings over a couple of martinis/beers on a tuesday night. let's do this again... :)

pics courtesy of hug-monkey.
please click on the photo below for more pictures.

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i'm not one to *blush*
i wish that i was better at it.
but some days, i just can't stop smiling...

it's like i got a big coathanger in my mouth.
i can't stop smiling. it's pretty contagious.
the thought of you just makes me smile.
and i can't stop thinking...

thank you. thank you.
thank you for you :)

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it was a BEAUTIFUL day...

it was a BEAUTIFUL day! the clear blue sky was competing with the blue ocean waves. one could not have painted a nicer hawaiian day. we went on our makapuu lighthouse hike this past saturday. and the sea turtles, the monk seals, the humpback whales, and the other hikers had all come out to say "hi." nature calls~

the path begins: yup, we're going up to the top of that thing.

bridget and spam! what is the secret between these two?

a peaceful moment (hey~ who are these people in my pic?)

a view of rabbit island from the top.

and finally: makapuu lighthouse in all it's glory.

for more hike pics, please check out: makapuu lighthouse hike :)

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i fell in love: part 2

i seem to have fallen off my high cloud today.
loving a blog is not easy.
especially on these long lonely friday nights...
i guess i'll head out to gym and coffee.

but here's the question of the day:
how does one make love stay?

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the dancing gunshot dream

this is a twisted one.

i dreamed that i was working for some small boutique hotel/casino in waikiki somewhere. one evening for work, we had to do a whole dance routine in the main lobby which started out as some kind of musical skit. i walk into the lobby and the intro music started to play. the first lines were said and the dancing began. we danced and flailed around like fools. it was pretty embarassing, but it was work after all. the whole crew was getting into the swing thing moving from the lobby walkways to the frontdesk area. i remember grooving with my dance partner (an older female co-worker in uniform) when: BANG! a loud gunshot rang out. we were all startled. this was not a part of the routine. the crew ran to where the noise was near the elevators to a most surprising scene. a moustached gay man was sitting on the ground holding his lover's dead body crying. blood was flowing red from a wound in the man's stomach. i think they were both wearing white t-shirts. the gun was in the dead man's hand. the moustached guy cried out, "why did you have to kill yourself! why did you have to do this! why this jealousy! why!" (apparently this man had killed himself over a lover's spat in between our dance routine) What the HELL?!! WAKE.

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thought of the day...

i've been on cloud nine for most of the day today.
building pilot schedules at work and day-dreaming like a fool.
people should not be this happy. i'm being set up for a big fall.

anyways, here's the thought of the day:
what does one say to a blushing beauty?

after much thought (about 5 hrs worth), i think my answer would be:
how can i keep you blushing, woman? :)

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the big audience / hookup dream

i dreamed that i am sleeping on my bed near the lanai (balcony) where a big window seperates me from a huge sea of people just hanging around outside in the park downstairs. kinda like woodstock hippies partying or that aol commercial with all those customers outside that guy's office window. they are waiting for me do something. i gotta perform. but all i could do was sit up on my bed and wave "hi." hi. WAKE.

am now hanging with RO and the boys at some club/bar somewhere. there were many beautiful ladies around the bar and the boys wanted me to stay and chill. but i was hesitant because i had to leave (wakeup) soon for work. so they try to hook me up with someone. "would you like her?" RO asks me. i didn't answer... WAKE.

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i fell in love

i fell in love with a blog today. i didn't think i would.
but her writing was so beautiful... and she was so beautiful.
with words and thoughts so familiar, yet previously unread~
my heart beat quickens (must be that second cup of coffee).

not that it matters, really.
it'll never come to anything any ways.
but you can always dream :)

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a tense conversation

i dreamed that i was having a chat with both CY and MT in some island hotel room somewhere (kauai maybe? it's my favorite island). i believe i was on vacation at the time. the converation was pretty fun and pleasant between the two ladies (both ex's), but i sense a strong tension in the air. i wonder why... WAKE.

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the 2005 narcissus pageant

it was a wonderous saturday night at the neal blaisdell concert hall. the beautiful people were out in large flocks dressed in their best attire. my co-workers, RO, and myself were gathered here tonight to support darah dung for the 2005 narcissus pagent. let the show begin~

the darah supporters gather for the big night.
cross your fingers!

the 2004 narcissus queen (center) and her princesses.

2005 cherry blossom queen (left) and 2005 miss chinatown hawaii (drool...)

the new 2005 narcissus queen darah (second from left) with family.
yay! we won!

and after following miss chinatown hawaii around all night long~
here's the best pic of the night. she's sooo beautiful (drool...)

for more pics check out: 2005 narcissus pagent :)

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but you always said...

dreamed that i went to this pretty hot girl's birthday party with her family and many many friends. i think i really really liked her or something. unfortunately, i felt kinda left out and sat in a corner watching tv most of the night. i felt like a sad shy loser. the very next year i decided to throw her a surprise party of my own. it was small and comfy in a darkly lit room with lots of freshly cut flowers all around. but things did not go as planned and it started to fall apart. she was quite disappointed in the event. while trying to console her, she whined to me, "you always said... (but i never heard the rest of her words...)" WAKE.

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quizilla: what kind of kiss are you?


You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully, it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into you playing the dominant role MEORW!

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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the bracelet in the sand

dreamed that i was walking along this sandy beach resort when i saw this cute young girl (intern?) from a far away distance. we had met a long time ago, so i wondered if she still remembers me. i decided to surprise her with a small gift. i went to get her a small hand-crafted bracelet (maybe balinese style) from the local vendor there. as i walked over to where she was standing, i dropped the bracelet in the sand. i bent over, picked it up and brushed it off. as i looked up again, she was gone. so i got up and just continued my stroll along the beach... WAKE.

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casablanca goodbye...

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the long goodbye

this story actually has a happy ending. but it started with another "call waiting anxiety" (please see below). at 6pm she tells me that she had a movie date until late, so i asked her to please call me back for a last goodbye if she doesn't end up sleeping with the guy. by 11pm there was no call. there i was glued to the tv at home lifeless on the leather couch waiting. my heart is sinking. but it shouldn't be. we're not even together now. i decided to drive and release some of this tension. late nights, music and cars were made for lonely sleepless people. i started out in waikele. it was midnight by the time i got to town. i was dead tired. i decided to hold out a bit more~ so i drive out to hawaii kai. the odds of a call after midnight are slim. but i'll give it to 12:30am, just in case it's a long movie. i drive pass kahala and make my way around diamond head. strange thoughts and images pop into my mind. i turn towards kapiolani park and start to head back. there was no call. all is lost. at 12:27am in my despair, my phone rings. i'm filled with life again. i kept her company all night for a long goodbye. we hug-talked for a good 2 hours and we made love for the rest. her alarm goes off at 4:00am and she starts to get ready. i see her to the shuttle at 5:20 and drive home. 2 people so comfortable together but still apart. "why did you make love with me again," i asked her. "because i miss you..." she replied. i told you it was a happy ending.

i'll see you again, love.
have a great year~

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call waiting anxiety

i am waiting for a call today. and that kinda sucks. am a bit on the anxious side now that the second cup of coffee is starting to kick in. my heart beat quickens. and beats. and beats. she said that she would call before leaving. will we actually get another meeting? i wonder...

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and more culture...

emily dickinson's love epigram:

IT ’S all I have to bring to-day,
This, and my heart beside,
This, and my heart, and all the fields,
And all the meadows wide.
Be sure you count, should I forget,—
Some one the sun could tell,—
This, and my heart, and all the bees
Which in the clover dwell.

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my evil twin brother

i was in line at starbucks ward last week, when this photographer guy started talking to me. "you were at the last wedding that i shot last year in the moana," he said. i asked if he meant the sheraton: thinking back about alden's wedding reception and such. "no, no. the moana surf rider. you were the one helping out in the wedding, don't you remember?" he insists. i assured him that it wasn't me. after much thinking and convincing he concedes. "it must have been your twin brother then..." he says in defeat. "it must be..." i replied.

if you're out there evil twin brother:
i am here for you.

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and now for some culture:

shakespeare's sonnet XXIX

When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself, and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man's art, and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts my self almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

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big train adventure

i dreamed that i was riding in a big train with my crew on some sort of mission. we were being chased down by some bad guy army (wearing matching black bad-guy suits) in their car. we rushed down a small street into a dark tunnel at crazy speeds. the enemy vehicle crashes into us from behind and storms our train. i had to run from one cart to another as i make my way to the very last cabin. behind me i can see my friends get captured by the black-suit guys one by one. i jump out of the train and hid in a small dark room in the end of the tunnel. but i still get caught in the end... WAKE.

you can run, but you can't hide (i guess)~

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i had a dream...

i had a strange dream last night. it was almost real. CY calls me up in hawaii to say "hi" and i picked her up for a midnight night beach walk under the bright moon. at a chilly 2am, i drive us back to waikele and sneak her into my room. there we made love all night and i sleep in and missed work the next day. what a crazy dream... :)

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japan trip - december 2004

what the heck~ after a full carafe of otokoyama at cal beach sushi this work lunch, heres the full photo album of my previous trip to tokyo this past december. it was a great, but unsuccessful trip. i can't wait for my next visit. thank you CY, thank you KY, thank you NS. you are all in my thoughts and heart...

more pics at: japan trip photos :)

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new year, new blog template...

After 2 fun years of blue dots for the dreaming-neko, i thought: what the heck. let's brighten things a bit for the new year. we're moving towards a cleaner look with the white and green. and since a photo is worth a thousand words (and i get lazy typing stuff), i'm trying to move towards a photo-blog format with my new digital camera to catchup with mr all@sea

with a lot of free time on my hands and a lot of crazy thoughts in my head, we roll forward into the new year....


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the gathering...

a new year's eve party begins...

with a hearty meal...

a few friends...

a little alcohol...

and some drunk people...

more mellow party pics: here :)

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compusa erotica

i dreamed about CY last night. we were walking around a compusa or something, when she get excited/aroused. she started to play with me, trying to unzip my pants in the mall. i was a bit worried with all the people walking around. she eventually pulls my pants off and mounts me in public on the store floor. at this point everything/everybody disappears and we make love. WAKE.

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starbucks christmas 2004

christmas at a closed starbucks 2004. it's tradition...

for more christmas coffee pics: click here :)

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the where are you dreams

here's a couple of old dreams from december.
i am still trying to catch up~

december 28: dream 1
am making love with MT in a darkly lit room. i undress her and lay her down on the edge of the bed. she looks at me with big eyes. i smell her perfume. i miss that scent. where are you? WAKE.

december 29: dream 2
a wild serial killer is hunting us kids down for torture. we are running around in some old apartment building or mall or something. trying to get away, but we are eventually caught. we are horded together and lead single file, walking on top of this short wall. should i try to escape?

december 30: dream 3
am on the train/subway with nobuo riding around the city. he was showing me around tokyo/bangkok. but i end up in a hotel lobby later waiting for another girl to take me around. i wait and wait and get nervous. she never comes. where are you? WAKE.

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happy new year 2005!

1st blog of 2005...
happy new year everyone!

i saw my chinese horoscope for 2005 posted on the wall at a macdonalds today. yup, it's official. i am going to have a crappy year. it will be a tough 2005 for business and romance. oh yeah~ give it to me. i could use a challenge this year...

2004 was such an exciting year, in retrospect.
love, romance, heartbreak, work, play, travel, stuff. it was all there.
minus a few dings in the character department.
i guess '05 will be a year of stability and renewal.
i am going to hit the big 3-0 with a whimper this year.
goodbye 20's... hello 30's...

it's going to be an exciting year! :)
good luck folks.

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