HIFF - fall 2006

love story (2006)

the fall 2006 hawaii international film festival (HIFF) flew by this past october. i attended 6 movies with AK, LC and KN that week. it was another fun festival... 5 more months til the next spring shows!

movie summary:
10/22 - ang pamana: the inheritance - (philippines) the fun cast and crew were there at the screening and i sat two rows behind sexy model/star: phoemela baranda.
10/24 - the host - (korea) this korean blockbuster is a super fun monster movie with lots of heart. my favorite film of the festival.
10/25 - apt - (korea) the best scary movie of the festival. lots of jumpers here... made AK sleep with the lights on at night!
10/26 - love story - (singapore) an odd movie that had it's fun moments. was it serious? or satirical? a mystery? or a love story?
10/28 - the banquet - (hong kong) a visually stunning wushu flick with zhang ziyi, but i was a little disappointed with the overall pace/story.
10/29 - invisible waves - (thailand) a slow haunting movie that kinda lingers with you. had tadanobu takeshi, but it's not as good as 'last life in the universe.'

catch some. cheers! :)

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dreaming-neko 4.0

welcome to dreaming-neko version 4.0! almost 2 years in the making... clean and lean (minus the 3rd column). the wild-thing monsters have come back to play. so let's play! :)

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3 NANE dreams

1. i dreamed that i was in a big hotel conference somewhere. it looked like the hilton hawaiian village. i was walking around with NANE and one more friend. we took a few group photos and a strange smiling ghostly figure was appearing in all my photos! i was kinda freaked out. he was everywhere. what should we do? WAKE.

2. i dreamed that sweet NANE was visiting me in hawaii. she left after her trip, but i found some of her sexy clothes left in the drawers of my condo... are you leaving me reminders, babe? WAKE.

3. i dreamed that i was makingout with NANE in her condo. after our roll-around-cuddle time, she took me out for a drive in her new car: a mini-cooper(?) and she dropped me off at my apartment. i went upstairs and opened the window to say goodbye, i love you... but she couldn't hear me or see me through the high blurry windows, so she cursed at me from below. hehe... WAKE.

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coffee captions - cup 1

'everyday is a leap of faith...' - lizz wright

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the fall quickies

-2 month passes... we're in the fall of 2006. and here i am at a starbucks this thursday night trying to catch up on my posts. man, time flies! how is everyone? i missed you! where to start? where to start?

-i received a surprise email a couple of months ago from my secret high-school crush AC. she googled her name and found a link to my post! how embarassing! we hardly exchanged two words in our shy-old-days. thank you for your sweet mail... :)

-from AC's email, i was able to get in contact with my long lost high-school artist roommate AP. congrats on your marriage, man! he is doing his masters in print-making in beijing. amazing! just weeks before this, i dreamed that i saw the great wall of china in my dream... the neko is destined for beijing 2007! :P

-and yes. there's a new woman in my life (in addition to lily, lana, lulu and nane). her name is 'claudette' my new omega speedmaster date. she is sooo beautiful and heart-breakingly expensive. it started out as a crazy obsessive stressed-out shop-therapy session gone wrong, but it turned into love. and it was meant to be...

-two people asked me if i was putting on weight today! i'm still 161 lbs, dammit! my face must be getting more round with age or something... i'm turning into charlie brown. *good grief*

-our office had our first annual hallow-weenie eating contest this october 31st. the victor was eating-machine KM who ate 6 hotdogs (with bun) in 5 minutes. why? just because. i came in 3rd with 4.5 dogs, but was upset by my boss who ate 5 the next day and calls me a 'wuss.' thanks, brad. i ended the session with8 hotdogs total that tuesday. we had left over chili-dogs on thursday :P

-i'm having an 80's music revival here after watching VH1's 100 greatest songs of the 80's. i'm rocking to the flock of seagulls and petshop boys now. the 80's were a happy time... what's your favorite 80's songs?

-just got back from another weekend vegas trip with the boys. fcuk, trader joes, bath & bodyworks , no sleep, coffeebean, stage deli, heinekens, gaming, sexy dancers, triple 7's, in-n-out burgers, pierro's, quack-shot, and the ever memorable sushi-mon. thanks, guys...

-i spent the earthquake day here with KO sitting at a closed starbucks drinking canned ice-tea from home. i slept through most of the morning trembles. it was a mellow, no-electricity-sunday here, but i got bumped on all my flights out to dallas for the business trip the next day (rats).

-hmmm... i think that covers it for now. the fall is passing fast. gotta catch up on my blog readings. *hugs to nane* more exciting stuff soon. cheers!

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