still living in "a happy place" here in my mind.
it's not good to be this happy for no reason.
i feel so, so sprightly. so light...

the unbearable lightness of being :)

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this is the OFFICIAL "to do" list:
i am sure, cause i carry it around with me in my damn laptop bag everywhere i go.
so here goes.

  1. around the island (aka take allan to north shore) - we thought it couldn't be done. but yes. we made it. check one.
  2. 24-hr fitness at pearl kai - it's just around the corner... i feel it.
  3. makapuu lighthouse - i scoped it out a few times for the entrance trail. more of a drive- by.
  4. interisland (ie. maui or kauai) - i love kauai (for so many reasons...)
  5. mainland (seattle, las vegas, los angeles) - just for coffee bean and tea leaf and krispy kremes and bath and bodyworks
  6. sydney - it's looking more and more like next year now
  7. waikiki beach - a definite can do here.
  8. movie (aka take allan to more that 2 movies this year) - probably going to be next year too. unless we can get im out to $1 dodgeball at restuarant row.
  9. national park - i guess volcano counts here. so close and yet so far away...

let's get to it people!

will update.

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and so here we are once again. thursday night at coffee talk. the party grows... slowly our coffee laptop gang will take over this town. but first things first. where's all the vision at tonight?!!

i am still waiting for you to get online, baby...

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it was a pretty crazy yet mellow day today in the office. i had this strange sense of uplifting optimism/happiness all day today. very euphoric. it kinda has me worried... what am i thinking about deep down in my grim subconscious mind that could leave me this giddy. that's right giddy. i like that word. that's how i'm feeling...


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went shopping at armani. was serviced by a very attractive young lady. started trying on loads of suits and other fancy clothing. i can get 50% discount from AO right? i did not see AO there though. where is AO? started to get nervous. now at the counter ready to pay with all this clothes that i tried on. $1600 says the sales lady. i don't have enough dough... not even for 50%... where's AO.  what should i do? WAKE.

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was throwing out some trash the other night, when i got a whiff of this intensely sexy perfume outside my door. the aroma was beautiful. i had to take it all in with a few deep breathers. like a dog i followed the scent all around the floor, but it just seemed to have stopped there right in front of my door... was someone looking for me? only the nose knows...

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another bug dream:

dreamed that i was walking over to my bed when i saw these 4 cricket/slug-like bugs crawling out of my white bed sheets and onto the floor... these suckers were pretty big and kinda brown. they were moving fast but i scrambled around for something to squish them with. i found a thick book and BOOM~ caught all four bugs with one book. i lifted the book to look at the squished bugs... yuck... WAKE.

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my head aches...
what a rough, stressful week!
one more day til weekend salvation...

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dreamed about boss bob last night. he was showing me his new apartment that he had just bought. it was over 1/2 million dollars and he was pretty happy about it. we made our way up the mountain overlooking a cliff. the view was much like the drive over koko head for some reason. on top we made our way through the old apartment. this is 1/2 mil? we passed by a few old rooms that was owned by other people... why are we walking pass their houses? inside bob shows us his place. here;s the bedroom, the living room and the study room. it was nice but not super extravagant. the view from the living room was kinda nice though...

on the walk back we passed this grungy old hallwall. it was dark and stinky. in the middle of the hallway was this pile of rubbish infested with a bunc of little roaches. i girl was there wathcing them. she told me that she first put 2 roaches in a white envelope to see if they would reproduce. she then left it there in the pile. i asked if they did and she saids: i don't know. i haven't checked for a looonng time. i got kinda worried and walked on... WAKE.

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had another car dream last night. something about getting a whole bunch of parking? speeding? tickets. don't remember much. not particularly exciting, but quite frustrating... WAKE.

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i ate too much part 2:
i ate too much at the hawaiian plate lunch buffet today...

3 lau laus, 3 fish/veggie tempura servings, 2 servings of mahi mahi, 3 servings of rice, bread pudding, fruit, lomi lomi, chicken long rice, and some fried poke.

my gluttony sin is waging a war with my sloth sins this afternoon. :)

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they got me.

a lady reversed into my passenger door in the parking lot.
it was like the world was in slow motion. i turn to see the reverse lights. i slam on the brakes (dummy) and honk like a mad man. i don't normally like to honk. the horn is for punks. she doesn't hear me and bump. in goes the door. nice touch. "oh no not again," she says. "wow your car is strong mom" the kid says. not a scratch on her suv bumper. after my first $600 dent, i took this hit like a numb pro.

curse you acura mdx! curse you!
i've still got one strike left baby! HA HA HA...

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dreamed that i was in a hotel room somewhere with my boss and coworker kevin. the room was dark and grungy. i followed kevin down to the dimly lit parking where he got into the rental car and started to rev the engine. he wanted to go somewhere. i felt a bit worried... WAKE.

not a particularly exciting dream, but hey: it happens~

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i had a lump in my throat today.
feeling kinda sad for some reason...

is it the weather today? :(

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had a strange dream a couple of nights ago~

am looking at this cute brown puppy playing around in the back yard. i need to use this cute puppy to attract an even cuter black and white puppy that is elusively hiding in the area. i play around with the brown puppy for a while, but the other one does not take the bait...

now i am rolling around in the backyard and crawling on my stomach like an army man! i feel like snake in the metal gear video games. i need to make my way into this old cabin from the yard and do something. there are people all around that i need to avoid. i must use my great powers of stealth to get through, and complete my mission. does he succeed? who knows... WAKE.

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i had a car dream last night... i had parked in someone's apartment building. literally inside someone's apartment building. it was an old haggard apartment. i parked right in the building near a few rooms and walked around the old dark hallways a bit. it was poorly lit, wet and kinda scary lookin. then i was picked-up by allan/alden or something and we were driving out somewhere. we drove around the block a few times. on the way back, they dropped me off at that old building where i parked, but my car was gone. i was kinda worried and asked around about it. one guy says: hey, didn't you see the reserved 24-hours sign, dummy! i was pretty bummed-out. i had to call this lot, pay for the tow/lot fees to pick up the car. i decided to linger around the apartment a bit. strolling the dark halls. the parking looked good at first, but was more trouble than it was worth. oh well... WAKE.

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i don't see any comments here people...
check out the "comments" link on the bottom right side of each post and write something sometime, thanks :)

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I ate so much last night that i could not move...

2 dinner plates, diet coke, ice cream, and doritos.
(fat bastard's dialogue/accent from austin powers comes to mind:)
"i can't stop eating... i eat cause i'm fat, and i'm fat cause i eat..."

my body was glued to the bed and my eyes were glued to the tv (discovery channel's great biker build-off). i had to lie still on my back cause any motion/other position would hurt my gut. it was rather uncomfortable, but i was utterly lazy and satiated as i drifted to sleep...

(you should try it sometime! :)

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