the ' lurve-mobile '

(austin powers' shaguar)

now this ladies, is the real ' lurve-mobile! '
i just drive a honda...

if you're wondering what this is all about:
check out the comments on the ' moody blogger ' post. cheers~

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flowers for pickle

these flowers are for pickle. i hope you like daisies. don't dump them in the bin! please cut and paste them in a nice sunny place. and don't forget to water 'em :)

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new distraction #1

this distraction is for the blusher. she is looking for some new distractions. try the "scientist" music video by coldplay in the sidebar. it's for my favorite scientist (after einstein). cheers~

p.s. i hope you're reading me...

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congrats, CY!

(note: not actual diploma)

i just wanted to congratulate CY on her second graduation (degree in elder care). it's been a long two years. you have so much heart, love! my favorite peppermint patty. i miss you across the miles :*

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i couldn't resist

i couldn't resist... i added the video jukebox in the sidebar after much temptation (from fallin'... and all@sea). now you HAVE to listen to my music upon pageload (or pause it at your pleasure). still trying to figure out how to stop that autorun operation upon page load... in any case, it's easy to install and there's lots of good music available. check them out at:

should i keep the jukebox or the video jukebox? or do you like them both? no music, no life...

i'm starting to like this video jukebox thingy. i found the code for video controls, no autoplay and no looping (it works better in IE, though). now YOU have the power of control! have fun :)

Showcontrols="1" Autoplay="false" loop="false"

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peter cetera made me buy merlot

+ =

i went to safeway with my friend after work yesterday to pick up some groceries for the house. this week i was determined to eat at least 3 salads at home for dinner, so i bought a very healthy supply of veggies and fruits at the store. passing by the wine aisle i hear: peter cetera's " one good woman " song blasting on the speakers. it's a classic song from his second solo album: " one more story " (i remember that cause i bought the cassette back in 1988) in any case, upon hearing this music i proceeded down the wine aisle and picked up a bottle of turning leaf merlot (2002 reserve on sale for $5.99) and checked out. on driving home, the song faded out of my head, and i was left in the car puzzled: why did i buy this wine? i'm not expecting any company. i seldom drink alcohol at home, and if i do it's usually vodka or beer. what happened in there?

i came to the conclusion that peter cetera had made me buy the wine. he brainwashed me with his song and made me shell out $6 for the bottle. i was lost in the music. darn you peter cetera! shopper's beware. the music is going to get you...

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moody blogger

is it me, or is blogger quite moody today? she's slow to connect, slow to load and slow to update. we're all helpless to her whims... sigh. how can i make you happy? :(

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egads! a blog team!

egads! i've been invited to sweet lady white spirit's (lws) " fallin'... " blog team! she wants me to add new posts directly to her blog. am kinda nervous: am i good enough...? am i sweet enough...? i gotta clean up my act a bit. thanks, lws! i'll be there :)

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neko gets a " hi "

i was walking on the second floor mezzanine level with my coworker today when i saw the cute snobby girl on the ground floor walking to work. she was an attractive snobby girl that worked in the reservations department. young, petite, and quite stunning, but she always walked alone with her nose up high, never talking to anyone. she also had that graceful sway in her hips when she walks. so feminine and seductive. a runway sway.

in anycase, i saw her and pointed her out to my friend: look man, there's that cute snobby girl (i think i said snobby girl twice). the second time i said " snobby ", she looked up at me and our eyes met. did she hear me? having been caught: i raised my hand and gave her a HUGE embarrassed wave and smile. i think the wave surprised her, but she kept on walking. in the building, we pushed the up-button for the elevator, door opens and there she was inside. our eyes met again and she gave me a: " hi... " there. short and sweet. i returned her " hi " there and the elevator was silent for the rest of the trip up (as we were trying to hold back our surprise, embarrassment, and laughter). doors opened and she flew down the hallway.

well, at least i got a " hi " from her. what more can one ask for? :)

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curry attack at starbucks

we went to starbucks today after service and lunch (a big chicken-katsu curry with 4-piecce gyoza from taiyo ramen). it was a good coffee session. we saw 'coach', a buff-guy with huge calves cradling a little chihuahua, a big korean group with hot girls, and even a grumpy lady trying to boot a small mountain-dove on the sidewalk. changing conversation topics, i spontaneously caughed, burped, snorted and sneezed at the same time. this resulted in curry flooding out of my nostrils (i had curry flowing out of my nose!). i covered my face with my hand, but it was still flow out through my fingers! head down, face covered, i rushed into the jamba juice bathroom. luckily no one was in there. at the sink i preceeded to empty my nose of: curry sauce, kim chi, rice, chili, and gyoza. not a very pretty sight. my nose was burning from all that extra chili. a 10-minute curry attack at starbucks... beware! :)

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easter service

i am * gasp * not a christian. being born in bangkok, i relate mostly with buddhism. it forms a strong part of my world-view, but i tend to be more spiritual than religious overall. being exposed to buddhism, hinduism, islam, christianity, and even sai baba in different countries, i think it's good to be open-minded. so this sunday, i was invited to church by my roommate for my one annual service: easter service. this is my 3rd (or is it 4th?) year. i always appreciate the sermons at new hope. they have a great pastor. the theme this year was: can you hear me now? -hearing God's voice. this is the summary:

why is it so important to hear God?

1. shows that i am growing as a part of his family.
2. warns me of impending dangers.
3. it's a key to a productive life.
4. the key to future instructions.

happy easter, everyone!

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on moving

a girl and her stuff...

a wise man once told me: you know neko, it really takes a true friend to help another person move homes without being grumpy. i think thats kinda true. i had to move like 5 times during my college days in waikiki (my roommates kept on graduating and leaving hawaii). moving can be a hassle and a lot of work. but hey, somedays there's just nothing better to do, so here we are~

so today started with a beautiful girl (of course). a damsel in distress. her roommate was moving to the westcoast and she was moving back to a house in pearlcity. i remember moving all her stuff in here just last year, but this time we're going out of town. and everything must go. it's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate. i guess that's what homes are for: a place for your stuff. she had that tv, 2 big 'ol dressers (weighing 2 tons) , a wooden frame futton bed and lots, lots of clothes. and boxes with more secret stuff. lucky we had that big van. everything fit in 2 vehicles with the aid of 4 muscle-bound helpers (that's us). everything went pretty smoothly with only one casualty: my screaming lower back (we went to the gym earlier this morning for: back-day!). we unloaded everything into her new tiny room. where are you going to put all this stuff? the woman works wonders. gaterade celebrations all around! off to zippy's restaurant and the team is happy.

i know that this is not the most exciting post here, but hey: it's a slow cloudy weekend! :) and the lesson of this post is: a pretty girl can make you do anything! when was your last big move? what adventures did you have?

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egg-coloring 101

i went home to my first egg-coloring party (in 29 years of life) yesterday. it was surprisingly a very warm and fun experience (getting into the Easter spirits). first you boil your eggs and let them cool down: we had 18 to start. we ended up with only 11 boiled eggs left with uncracked shells. next you add water to the egg-coloring kit's dyes. let's see: we had pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green. add the magic crayon and stickers. use a little imagination and alot of heart... and voila! your very own colored eggs. i colored 3 eggs that night: a CY-egg, a sun-egg, and a dream-egg. AM made the rudy-egg and the ann-egg. the ladies made the rest. my heart almost exploded from eating all those cracked-eggs and all the colors last night. it was a great feeling :)

bye bye grumpy-neko week~
for more pics click: here!

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pic question

how do you guys like the mini-pic blocks in the posts versus the full size pics (400px or 320px) in the posts? just changing formats a bit and checking for feedback. thanks :)

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waikiki at night

this is for CY. last sunday during our chat, i asked her if she had any hawaii photo requests. she said she wanted to see waikiki pics at night. so here they are~ it's really tough taking night photos with a small point and shoot camera (i use a canon digital elph sd200). the beaches were just too dark! alot of the pics came out dark and blurry, but i think it captured the mood and energy of kalakaua ave that night. check out that sad panda! along these lonely streets... what do you think love? do you have any other requests? :)

for more pics click: here~

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a martini love story

i had met an interesting couple the night before (my hangover). we met some friend's friends at ryan's bar and grill for some drinks. i was really impressed with this happy young couple (married 2 years). the guy was a 28 year old restaurant manager in neiman marcus (no not mariposa) and the girl was a 28 year old hostess at another restaurant at ward. he was the mellow zen master who does wing chun kung fu and she was the fun high energy care-free party girl (the life of the party). a great monkey and tree combo. having flunked a few good chances at commitment, myself (especially this past winter), i ask the man: how did he know that she was "the one?" and this was his love story:

you know... sometimes, you just know. we got engaged after 3 weeks of going out. it was kinda early and we were both pretty intoxicated at the time, but i knew that i had to do it. i took out the ring and popped the question. and she said yes (in her drunken state). but it was a rocky 2 years. so i decided to have a second engagement in maui. i was determined to make it perfect. i kept it a total surprise. i woke her up at 3:30 in the morning and drove us up to the top of haleakala. driving through the thick clouds at 5,000ft i thought the weather was going to ruin it. but past 6,000 everything cleared up and it was just so beautiful. clear skies all around. there was no a soul at the summit! we had it all to ourselves. wrapped-up in 3 layers of sweaters in the cold, i opened the wine bottle and woke her. she was not a happy camper at 4:00am. but i took out the second ring and proposed to her again: on top of the world, under the stars, just the two of us. she was very surprised and happy. we stayed there for the sunrise. she wears the two engagement rings on both hands now (and always with a smile).

a touching love story told over two ketel-one martini's on the rocks (with olives). but the question still remains: how will i know? how will you know? how will we know? ahhh... questions... questions...

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bad day follies continue

i thought i hit the peak of my bad-day streak, but it just gets better. first i woke up late for work with a martini hangover from last night's adventures. next i hit mega-traffic at 10am on the way to work. so then i get to the office and find out that i'm still the only one here on our busy schedule inquiry day (with about 12 angry messages on the answering machine). then i get some hot coffee and decide to spill some on my light-tan colored chino's. mmmm... warm.

on the bright side, i did get invited to a UH travel industry management school dinner (i am an alumni) tonight at the hilton in waikiki (our company sponsored a table), but i can't find anyone to go with me at the last minute. so i guess, i'll have a ball there alone in my coffee-stained pants. does it get any better than this? i hope not... :)

guess what? the dinner was cancelled due to some last minute reservation problems. i should've known~

drove to waikiki for dinner with parents. got stuck in stand-still traffic for an hour just in waikiki due to parade road blocks. yay!

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email philosophy

i emailed my co-worker (LC) today , about her quote in the company tip/advice book. i thought it was pretty interesting, and not surprisingly a great match for her.

-her quote was simple: "don't ever settle..." (says the perfectionist)
-but it troubled me, so i emailed her back: "people that never settle are never content..."
-and her response was: "people who settle will always look elsewhere..."
-to which i replied: "you can look... but no touching..." :)

do we always get what we want? do we always find what we 're looking for? i think happy people are content people who know when to settle.

or are we all doomed to be unhappy seekers...?

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jukebox updated: the 'grumpy-neko' mix

there's nothing like having some angry music on a bad day. so the jukebox has been updated with some screamers that bring a smile to my bitter mug. afi, interpol, brand new, linkin park, chevelle~

what's your grumpy music?
check these tunes out went your feelin' bitter :)

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spring HIFF 2005

with the whining aside, let's talk more about movies:

the spring hawaii international film festival is here again! april 1-7 at the dole cannery. i just love these film festivals. i've been attending this one for at least 7 years now. i hope to volunteer in the fall sometime for membership marketing. in anycase, my must-see films for this mini-festival are:

-one missed call (japanese horror)
-oldboy (korean action/drama)
-kungfu hustle (hong kong action/comedy)

the complete film schedules can be found: here
seen any good flicks lately? :)

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bad days are contagious

boy, these bad days are pretty contagious. try not to catch them! i think they come in three's or so, and weigh heavily on the soul. another test from above. so try me now...

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must see dvd: last life in the universe

ok, let's try a happy post before i go...

"last life in the universe" is a must see dvd. i first saw if at the spring 2004 hawaii international film festival. i last watched it friday night at 2am in the morning. it's a quiet, haunting film that brings together the best of thai, japan and hong kong cinema. a fun, eclectic piece about life, love, and loneliness. catch it when you can! :)

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eye twitches and grumpy-neko

ok. my eye is twitching. that usually means that i'm getting really really tired or that i'm a bit upset. so here i am still in the office on sunday for the past 12 hours. didn't i come in at 7:30? first in, last out? it's getting a bit late, but there is work to be done and i can't concentrate. every little thing irks me. like that freshly painted office over there. it makes this room smell like a stinky gym locker. wohoo! it's hot, it's cold, it's muggy, i'm sore, i'm whiny, i'm bored, i'm tired, i'm grumpy. do you ever get this feeling, once in a while?

misery loves company: so let's party...

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looking for you: vivian hsu

that's funny. i recently asked two bloggers about their profile pics, and they both turned out to be vivian hsu. i must be looking for you: vivian hsu. you are so beautiful, and so feminine. i love your hair and baby face. i am not sure why there's so many nude photos of you online, though (i must be going to the wrong sites :) in anycase, if you're reading this: i just wanted you to know that i've been looking for you (all my life), and i just wanted to say "hi..."

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eating-neko: christmas lunch in march

our senior director took us out to lunch today at gordon biersch in aloha tower. it's actually our crew planning christmas lunch. it's been such a crazy busy winter, that it only took us 3 months to get together for grinds. but you can't complain when you have good food and good company. good people make life and work much more exciting and bearable. having so much fun with my camera-phone last time, i took a few pics at the lunch. and of course, it never fails: everytime i eat pasta (cajun pasta today), i always seem to be wearing a bright white shirt. yay~

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the house wants me out: part 2

so the locusts have not come. that's good news.

but the scorpions have decided to drop by for another visit. maybe he is looking for his flatten cousin or something? in anycase, there i was this morning late for work rushing into the bathroom to get ready. i shaved, stripped and jumped into the tub. the only thing worst than finding a scorpion in your bathtub in the morning is: finding a scorpion in your bathtub in the morning while being completely naked. in the buff. i mean, i was highly exposed to attacks here. i couldn't even run out to grab my trusty abercrombie sandal or the big computer book.

the scorpion was sly this time. he hid under my toothpaste in the the corner of the tub, but hey!: i'm on to you, buddy! i can see that little tail with the stinger hanging out there! i frantically searched for a weapon. the only thing i could find was the toothbrush. in three swift moves: i flipped the toothpaste, pushed the critter into the tub with the toothbrush, and turned on the hot water (it was all i could think of at the moment). heroic music playing now in the background. the creature tried to crawl out, but i flushed him down the drain into neverland.

i wonder if this counts as the fourth sign for me to leave this place. i think it's still a part of the third-attack. i'm staying house! and that's that! so let's play nice and get along...

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happy saint patrick's day!

2005 block party

feeling a little irish and green in hawaii? head for a night at the downtown saint patrick's day block party. nestled between two irish bars, the streets were closed for a fun gathering flanked by a live rock band and a dj dance floor. too bad i only had my camera-phone with me tonight :( it's funny. i remember being here just a year ago. my, how time flies... same event, same place. different people, different year. happy saint patrick's day!

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dizzy beans

oooooo..... moving coffee beans.....
are you dizzy yet?

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steep sandy beach dream

had this dream a couple of days ago. i wonder what it means... am walking on this hill with a beautiful girl (not sure who she is). the hill is a steep and sandy beach. at the bottom of the hill is the deep blue sea. this sandy beach hill drops off into the ocean! we are trying to ge to the other side, but we don't want to fall into the sea. we just keep on walking. we slip and slide on the steep sandy slope. moving across the cliff side, we make our way to a high gated wall. what is on the other side? they won't let us enter :( stuck on a cliff, the ocean below, the gates all locked, only a steep sandy climb back up awaits. what shall we do love? WAKE.

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peppermint patty is back!

it's been a good 3 years now, but CY finally cut her long hair short again: and peppermint patty is back! yay! thank you for the pic. i miss your short hair, love. that and your freckles too. i hope to see them again this december. so take care and keep busy! :)

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more blogging dreams

last night i dreamed that i was updating my blog when i had made some coding errors. for some reason, strangers were now able to post their posts on my site and i couldn't do anything about it. i was busy trying to delete these random posts, but they were all coming in at an alarming rate. i was a bit stressed out and over-whelmed in the dream. i got to keep this blog perfect! but in come more random posts from strangers. it's out of my control. help~ WAKE.

man, i really got to stop blogging in my dreams...

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i'm a leader?

i took the personality type test quiz from jumble's site the other day, and was kinda surprised by the results (i must have cheated on some of the questions or something). it seems that i'm a leader by personality. well, the 4 parts kinda match, and i do lead a little in my small neko world (i reject your reality and substitute my own!), but hmmm... maybe i need to take this thing again... if i change the extrovert part to introvert i become a Mastermind. but hey, i got Leader first so i'm sticking with it!

your answers suggest you are a Leader
the four aspects that make up this personality type are:
planner, ideas, heads and extrovert
summary of leaders

* natural managers who strive for efficiency
* see the big picture and make strategic plans for the future
* think of themselves as bright, independent and logical
* may overlook other people's need for emotional support

try it out: here~

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a public service announcement:
wi-fi free spot!

what's better than fast internet? fast, free internet! i don't have cable or dialup at home :( i only use my cellphone as a modem (3g, baby), and go to the office/coffeetalk for more wi-fi speed. if you live in the states or just travelling through, and can't live without internet: check out these listings for a free wi-fi hotspot near you:

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so true... :)

i finally found the artist for that last "i count your eyelashes" drawing. it took a while. the site is called: (for some reason i thought it was called steakandpotatoes - or something - something). it has lots of twisted, bitter drawings by the artist. i just love the faces on all his characters. enjoy!

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new jukebox!

i added a "jukebox" to the left sidebar from sweet jumble's site and inspiration. this jukebox only works when viewing the site with an internet explorer (IE) browser. ok, it's not really a real jukebox, but it does play streaming music. just pick a tune and click play. i will try to change the mix every few weeks, with some songs that are near and dear to my heart (and ears). so kick back relax and enjoy the music. happy blogging fellas... :)

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birthday wishes

(when hug-monkeys attack)

happy birthday, ST!
man, time flies and we're all getting OLD,
but hey, you first...

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yes world, i am a raging shopaholic

i am a raging shopaholic. i can't stop spending money (and i don't have much money to spend). if i'm not eating, drinking, or traveling. i will be buying stuff. books, dvds, cds, clothes and electronics are my usual vice. being asian, i am a sucker for brand names. i like nice stuff. but don't confuse shopaholics with materialists. i know what is important: people are important. i just like to shop. an ultra-consumer with a fathomless desire. where is my soul...? in january, i bought 4 pairs of lucky jeans $200 total (all 50% off). in february, i took a stranger to maui (shop break). in march, i bought 3 french connection shirts $215 total (in miami). i need help... any remedies?

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bad news about the percentages

i went to the gym again earlier today before my nap. that makes 3 gym days in a row! yay! on the way home, i stopped by the trainer's office to ask about the body-fat index chart posted on the wall. the percentages seem kinda high from the previous charts that i saw. he told me that this was a 4-site pinch test chart that was used for "average" gym-goers (aka fat people) vs the regular index chart that are used for atheletes! the regular 3-point pinch test is 7% less than this listed chart! that means that "very lean" is really below 11% and "lean" is really 12-18%. that makes my 21.5% yesterday much worst at "average" on the 3-point chart.

so this brings up an interesting dilema:
-am i a lean-fat person? (according to the 4-site chart)
-am i a fat-lean person? (according to the 3-point chart)

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new year, new scent

last year, i smelled like this:
chanel allure sport

a fresh scent in a metallic bottle created by jacques polges, inspired by chanel's j12 watch.

this year i smell like this:
john varvatos

the first thing Basenotes noticed about this scent is the distinguished looking bottle it comes in: inspired by "masculinity, luxury and the texture of the varvatos' fashion collection" -- a mix of smoked glass and leather. the scent itself was created by quest international on behalf of zirh / shiseido using varvatos' ideas. it's notes are familiar (leather, herbs) and unique (medjool, indian tamarind tree leaves, eaglewood, auramber --- all never used before in perfumery)

boy, i feel more sophisticated aready! i'm ready for you 2005!

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coffee is my muse

well, i made it out to coffeetalk. coffee glorious coffee. how dark and rich you are, warm and inviting. back to life. it was a pretty rough nap. i only woke once to close the curtain on that afternoon sun that had shifted into my bedroom window. my head is still a blur, but here i sit back in my caffeine blogging seat. coffeetalk is still empty: the hippies are not here yet (sniff, sniff). they must be busy making love. i should be making love too, but i guess that's not quite an option tonight. it's just not right. but until the next love, until the next distraction: coffee is my muse. blogging is my therapy. thanks for reading :)

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the nap that time forgot

i took a killer nap today and woke up in a new century. i didn't know what day it was. i didn't know what time it was. the world was a blur. i walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror: who is this guy? (man, he's good-looking...ha!:) like ripp van winkle, i took the nap that time forgot. i woke up in a different world. to a different me. boy, i need some coffee...

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a brief lesson on hippies

talking about hippies. i learned some interesting facts about hippies from my friend KN last night. she works at this cafe on the university campus and deals with hippie customers and hippie co-workers daily. she even had a hippie host-mom a while back with many hippie children. so her knowledge and experience with hippies is very extensive. i don;t doubt her. this is what she taught me about hippies:

i might need to add: some hippies have super deadly BO to this list too, tonight... why are there so many hippies here at coffeetalk and the university? i don't want to be anti-hippie, but can't we all just shower and get along?

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am sitting here at coffeetalk this productive blog-night, when out of the blue: sniff... sniff... the most foul smelling odor is filling the room! that's some killer BO, man! the stench of death and musk. this hippie dude's body odor is bad enough to kill a small animal at close proximity. he keeps on walking around too. it's making me nervous. it's like pig-pen from the snoopy cartoon with that cloud of dust and smoke around him. this man is deadly. please help... :(

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parting gifts

so RO (mr. all@sea) left for los angeles/texas the other week, and before he left we traded parting gifts. i gave him a hawaiian themed starbucks tumbler. he gave me a book: the machiavellian's guide to womanizing by nick casanova. i thought he was kidding, but he looks at me right in the eyes and said: "you got to read this, man." i think he was serious. we could all use a few pointers in the fine art of womanizing, i guess...

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no more skinny puppy

i was always a skinny puppy growing up. in high school i was on the varsity wrestling team starting at a meager 112 lbs at 8% bodyfat. i moved up to 119 and eventually 125 lbs my senior year. in college i gained like another 20 pounds on top of that and my weight stayed pretty stable at 140 lbs. i graduated UH in 1999 and started working fulltime from january. i also signed up for 24hr fitness that year to bulk up a bit. it took a while... but i had a hard time gaining weight. i was 140 lbs with 12% bodyfat for a long time. then i hit 27-28 years old and it went downhill from there. i probably packed on a good 25 lbs of fat! i like the bulk, but i was deceiving myself into thinking that i gained 25 lbs of lean muscle. i peaked at 167 lbs last december with the many holiday indulgences. but yesterday, i got a wake-up call. i finally got a new bodyfat test at the gym:

height: 5' 7
weight: 163 lbs
bodyfat: 21.5%

21.5%! i was around 18% last november! it's not good being in the 20's. 18-22% bodyfat is considered lean for my age group. but i am getting way to close to the line! my roommate is a fitness fanatic, and while he only weighs 130, he's rocking at 7% bodyfat or so. the man lives a hard life of protein shakes, boneless/skinless chicken, and no carbs. but this man has so many bricks he doesn't know wht to do with them. maybe he should build a house or something. i kinda have 4 upper abs left (when i suck in my stomach). they are covered by a soft blanket of fat and my lower abs have been on vacation (i haven't seen them in a while). i am hitting my weight lifting goals: bench 2 plates, squat 2 plates, curl 90-100 lbs, wide-grip pullups, and sitting at the right weight, but i am getting rather meaty in the middle. i need to get more lean.

so as a resolve: i will reduce my bodyfat back down to 18% by my birthday (june 1). then i will lose another 3% by december and stay at a more sexy 15% for 2006. i want to maintain my weight at 160-165, but i will probably lose a few pounds in the process. 155 lbs will be the lowest that i want to go. it won't be easy (i love food), but i am not giving up the battle just yet! i need to be sexy at age 30 (cause i'm still a single guy). the competition is fierce. the lines are drawn. let's get ready for war! (will update... wish me luck!)

past..... present..... future

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the house wants me out...

i moved into my friends condo last november. moving to waikele is quite a departure from town-life. my roommate is a good christian man and his place is clean and pure... until i got there. the man is more than accommodating, but for some reason i get this nagging feeling that the condo just wants me out! first there was that mysterous glowing green orb light in my room. when i close the curtains and the door, it gets really really dark. but on the first few nights this green light was just floating there on the ceiling staring at me. it made for a few nights of uncomfortable sleep. try as i might, i could not locate the source of this light. it just drove me crazy. eventually i found out that the light actually came from my laptop power adapter, and my imagination had gotten the better of me here. so nothing to it.

next came the plague of insects. we live on the ground floor of a 2 story townhouse unit. a small unruly yard sits outside my window. one uneventful rainy morning, i close my window to find that a colony of carpenter ants have made a home of the window sill there! as i slid the window close, a storm of ants started to covered the wall! these guys aren't little either: they were about a centimeter big. so an army 0f 50-100 ants started invading the bedroom wall. thinking fast, i rush to grab my trusty abercrombie slippers to defend my home. it was a war zone with hundreds of dead ants on my carpet. i took them out as fast as i could. no bites today my friends. i plugged up the window sill holes and grabbed the trusty vacuum and cleaned up the mess. a battle won~

finally, a week ago i got home and entered my dark room. flicking on the light i happen to find a 2 inch scorpion on my floor! i've never seen a scorpion in hawaii before, less one this big. maybe he is coming here for revenge for my last pet scorpion in saudi arabia? in any case, there it was sitting there staring at me. being too tired and not really wanting to deal with it now: i grabbed my friend's huge red asp computer book and covered the monster. i stomped on the book a few times and peeked under. the sucker was still alive and crawled out. darn carpet! i slammed the book on the critter again and decided to leave it there... for the next 3 days. we just removed the book today and the scorpion has been flattened paper thin. my friend was pretty impressed with the scorpions size. sign number 3. if the locusts start visiting, i might have to move out this time... (or grab my slippers again: ready for war :)

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the fireman's auction and un-conditional drinks

i can't believe i went out tonight. i was so close to having a mellow night at home. but after 4 emails and 4 calls i just had to do it. so it's 1:32 now and i just got back from another crazy night at oceans club. i don't even know why we went there for the "fireman's auction night." it took us over an hour of waiting to get into this super packed place. inside, the ladies were going wild over tall shirtless muscle-bound men dancing on the runway. the firemen were strutting their stuff for some good charity cause or another (or maybe just to help out some lonely firemen). it was pretty interesting. the average joes were being auctioned off for about $200 dollars a date and the the studs were selling through the roof! that's gotta be a boost for your ego. there are ladies screaming and dancing everywhere, and i guess that's why we're here.

in any case, it was the pefect night at oceans with great ratios there (70% beautiful ladies to 30% chumps). we had 2 groups of lady-friends there at the club and the crowd was happy. but strangely for some reason, everything that we did was just all wrong! nothing went right. this was the most sober night of clubbing i've had in a very long time. i just could not get a drink for all my efforts tonight. for some reason the lines were outrageous and the waitress were not very friendly today. high and dry. sadly after failing to order some drinks for our female company who left, we walked over to the bar again to grab ourselves some drinks. there we waited in line again. but miraculously we made it up to the counter. 2 stoli tonics please. i handed the bartender some cash, but the man looks up at us and says: "your drinks are taken cared of guys..." taken cared of? who bought us drinks? did he punch the register in error? KO seemed to recall seeing some friendly ladies on the right when we were waiting in line. nobody approached us, and we were left baffled with free stoli's. did we miss them? i feel so obligated. who do we thank? clueless, we walked off to rejoin the group. oh well, drink up~

i for one, do not really believe in "un-conditional drinks". do they really exist? we live in such a reciprical society that i don' think that anything comes without a cost. if a man buys you a drink, he wants something. it may just be a chat or your time... but definitely something. some girls will fool themselves into thinking that he's just a "nice guy" but ladies: he wants something for that drink. some guys may lie and say they want nothing, but woman he wants your conversation, he wants your time, he wants your touch and ultimately, he wants your body (guaranteed). most nice girls will recipricate in some way. some not so nice girls will not, and just take advanage of fellow. it's a tough world. if you don't want to recipricate in kind, just refuse the drink to start...

so by ignorance or by luck, we stumbled upon some un-conditional drinks today. and though it may not sound like much, after buying many many rounds for many many strangers, it's kinda nice to be appreciated. thanks, ladies! :)

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