had a strange one last night. am having more dreams (remembered) these days :)

am looking at some small monkeys? or something lined up in many rows floating in the air (like in space invaders or some other video game). when i point to them, they changed into something else (not sure what). we were counting these monkeys to make sure that we had enough. i kept thinking to myself: "there's not enough, there's not enough..." they keep changing. WAKE.

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here's an exciting one from friday night...

i was biking out to this old dark run-down house to see this girl. we were trying to get intimate, but we were being pursued by some sort of evil presence in the house. after running around a bit, i dug out and started biking home leaving the girl behind. it was a dark road home.

back at my high floor apartment, i pushed the bike out to the lanai for keeping. as i placed the bike on the rail, one of the wheels dropped off and fell many floors into the dark parking lot below. i went downstairs to look for the wheel. the first floor of the apartment was like a cheap waikiki hotel. there were strangers everywhere. the parking lot was dark and dangerous, but i rushed out to look for the wheel. i could not find it in the dark. young hoodlums/punks started chasing me as i was out in the dark lot now accompanied by a tall skinny girl with long hair (cy?). i made my way to the car, but found that the girl's car was blocking mine (tandem parking). so i had to rush and move her car out of the way, before we could jump back in my car and drive off safe~ we made it. WAKE.

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i had a good one last night, but i forgot most of the details cause i forgot to write it down... :(

we were at some movie theater maybe and this girl (not sure who) was moving from one seat to another. as she moved back to her original seat someone/something was there and so she started punching the seat a few times. i was pretty surprised/impressed. WAKE.

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check out the new mini-poll too, while your here!

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felt kinda empty the past few months and realized that it's because i haven't really absorbed myself in any good books for a while. have been indulging in my foreign-film dvd craze for a bit much (bought: happiness of the katakuris, dead or alive, samurai fiction, hero, ichi the killer, stereo future, fulltime-killer, ringu, battle royale, volcano high, versus, inner-senses, visible secret, audition, and visitor q among others)

so i took a ride down to rainbow books and picked up a couple of interesting reads:
"the consolations of philosphy" by alain de botton and "9 steps to financial freedom" by suze orman.

gotta keep reading :)
any other good reads out there?

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hi guys! sorry it's been a while... been kinda busy living and not enough time dreaming~ :) here's a dream from a few weeks back. i still remember it pretty clearly:

am playing basketball with a bunch of girls at a public basketball court or something. as i run up to the top of the court, a girl passes me the ball for a simple lay-up, but i miss the shot and eveybody starts laughing at me. i feel pretty pathetic. WAKE.

nothing like a little embarassment to draw out a little more humility in someone...

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